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AAR for the Victory First – Fundamentals of Everyday Carry Class

AAR for the Victory First – Fundamentals of Everyday Carry Class | Scott “Jedi” Jedlinski Victory First – Fundamentals of Everyday Carry AAR Instructor: Matthew JacquesAssistant Instructor: Jeff WoodLocation: Echo Valley Training Center in West VirginiaCost $500Round Count: 800Duration: Two days / 8 AM to 5PM both days I attended The Victory First Fundamentals of […]

Texas CHL Holders and Church Security Teams

By John-Michael Gillaspy |  G2 Security Solutions   At least 4 or more times a month I get a call, email, or text regarding whether a CHL holder can legally provide security as part of a church security team. As both a CHL training school as well as a state licensed security academy, we are uniquely […]

“It Fits My Hand” | Buying a Comfortable Pistol

  Mackay Barr | Battle Drill 6 LLC     I would ask that you don’t disregard this article as another one from a Glock fanboy, I own many firearms and though I love my Glocks, I love many others as well. When I talk about Glocks I simply find them useful as an example.   […]

Red Dot Sights on Your Carry Gun Part 2 

  Scott “Jedi” Jedlinski | Modern Samurai Project After receiving a lot of great feedback regarding my first offering, I decided to write a follow up article based on the questions I received. Again, I want to reiterate that I am by no means a subject matter expert. I am sharing this as a regular […]