Arisaka Offset Scout Mount | MLOK & Picatinny | Fits Modlite & Surefire Lights


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The Patent Pending Arisaka Offset Scout Mount is designed specifically for the Surefire Scout Light M600 and M300 series weapon lights, the Modlite PLH and OKW weapon lights, the Arisaka 300 and 600 Series Lights, and the Streamlight Protac Rail Mount 1, 2 and HL-X. It replaces the stock Picatinny rail adapter with a low profile mount for M-Lok handguards. The Offset Scout Mount is very low profile at less than 0.20″ thick.

When used on the side mounting surfaces of M-Lok handguards, the Offset Scout Mount places the light at a 45 degree angle and tucks it in closer to the rail system. Oriented upwards, the light is located at approximately the 1:30 or 10:30 clock positions. Oriented downwards, the light is located at approximately the 4:30 or 6:30 clock positions.

The Offset Scout Mount also provides three lateral mounting positions for the light body, which allows the user to position the light closer or farther away from the top rail, front sights, or other accessories. Three positions are provided, spanning approximately 0.240″. When used with the Arisaka 300 Series Light Body or 600 Series Light Body, even more clearance can be gained for larger front sights.

As shown in the pictures, the Offset Scout Mount is compatible with most M-Lok handguards like the BCM MCMR, Geissele SMR MK4, MK8, MK13, MK14, MK16, Mega MML and Wedge Lock, Midwest Industries SSM, EraThr3, SMOS, and SLR Rifleworks M-Lok models.

Compatible with the Modlite PLH and OKW, Surefire M300A, M300B, M300C, M300V, M312, M322, M312V, M313V, M322V, M600B, M600C, M600P, M600U, M600V, M600DF, M612, M622, M603V, M612V, M622V, Streamlight Protac Rail Mount 1, 2 and HL-X, and Arisaka 300 and 600 Series.

M620, M951/2 and M961/2 series lights can also be used with the Offset Scout Mount with the addition of the Arisaka Offset M620 Adapter.

Length: 1.265″

Weight: 0.4 oz

The mount is CNC machined from 6061-T6 aluminum and MIL-A-8625 Type III hard coat anodized. Includes necessary screws to attach light body to mount. Requires an IP25/T25 and IP20/T20 Torx driver for installation (not included). Recommended torque: 30 inch lbs for M-Lok screws and 20 inch lbs for light body screws with Loctite 222 or 243. Cerakote provided by Weapon Works LLC. Made in the USA.

M-Lok Installation Guide

Additional information

Weight .2 oz
Dimensions .5 × 5 × .5 in
Mount Type

MLOK, Picatinny

11 reviews for Arisaka Offset Scout Mount | MLOK & Picatinny | Fits Modlite & Surefire Lights

  1. Darrin (verified owner)

    Awesome mount, keeps the light nice & tight against the rail.

  2. Daniel H (verified owner)

    Awesome product, for handguards with MLOK at 11 o’clock I prefer the inline, but if a handguard only has the three MLOK positions, I use this to bring the light to 11 o’clock.

  3. boostinix (verified owner)

    Gets the light nice and tight. Minimal bulk. Must have for most lights.

  4. D_H (verified owner)

    Arisaka makes great mounts. I like the offset mount, it places your light at 1 1 or 1 o’clock and keeps it tight against the handguard. Perfect for handguards that only have m lok slots at 3,6, and 9 o’clock. Even if you have 7 m lok slots all the way around the offset mount can be used to get enough clearance between your light and front sight if the inline doesn’t provide enough room.

  5. Thomas (verified owner)

    Well machined, installs easy, and tucks the light in nice and close.

  6. thunderkid30 (verified owner)

    Great mount. Tucks the Scout in nice and tight, right where I wanted it. Slim, well made and tough.

  7. Lamar Sjouwke (verified owner)

    Solids for strong mount mounting solution. Like how it offsets 45 degrees. Shipping was fast solid company and product.

  8. RChet (verified owner)

    Aesthetics and function all in one. Bought one to go with my Cloud Defensive REIN and it works great. Like all Arisaka products the mount is very well made and continues to show that Arisaka is the industry standard for aftermarket scout style mounts.

  9. Noah Parent (verified owner)

    Machining is top notch. Functions to perfection. Keeps my modlite close to the handguard to help eliminate snags.

  10. curt26 (verified owner)

    Always liked arisaka products. Solid mount. Lockup is sturdy, finish is clean. Holds the light close and clean to the gun.

  11. thegunguy4118 (verified owner)

    Solid mount! Sturdy and light.

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