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(72 customer reviews)

ModButton is an integrated momentary only switch and offset Scout mount design providing a simple clean mount in one convenient package. Developed out of a need to conserve rail space and also deliver a switch that could handle the power needs of modern lights we worked with our partner Unity Tactical to help us produce a small switch and mount solution that would be backwardly compatible with the Surefire® light ecosystem.

ModButton utilizes a patented Unity Tactical design which supports power delivery needed by the next generation of high output weapon lights. A Unity built Surefire® compatible lead allows ModButton to be backwardly compatible with all Surefire®, Arisaka and Modlite Scout bodies as well as Surefire UE and DS00 tail caps. If constant on is a requirement we recommend using a Surefire DS00 tail cap which can be found here.

One problem that exists today is older legacy switches are not able to pass the current needed to run current and future generation lights. These older switch designs do not allow Modlite light heads to run at full power. Typically these switches reduce output by 15-20%. ModButton utilizes an updated plug design as well as improved electronics that allow the ModButton to output at full power so all the lumens and candela can be put to good use.

ModButton is waterproof to 1 meter for 30 minutes and features more durable buttons than many competing pressure switches on the market. The offset mount will allow any Scout type mounting system to be used.

Additionally, ModButton is compatible with the Unity FUSION LightWing adapter which is designed to extend the light out to clear lasers or help push the light out in order to help reduce or eliminate shadow from suppressors.

The package includes the switch and mount only no tail cap is supplied.

Made in the USA

Weight: 2.8oz
Dimensions: 1.0 × 3.8 × 5.7 in
Mounting Side: Left or Right
Color: Black
Mod Button


If you have any questions about batteries please check out our FAQ section about batteries here.

Want to read more about Modlite Systems and their company? Check out this article from AR Build Junkie. Also, check out the informative FAQs for Modlite products, batteries and light outputs in general.

You can also purchase the PLH , OKW and IR Head separately for your Modlite or Surefire M600DF Bodies. The Modlite 18350 and 18650 bodies work with all Surefire Scout tape switches, tailcaps and mounts.


Additional information

Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 2 × 6 × 3 in

, , ,

Tailcap Options

No Tailcap (ModButton switch only), UE Tailcap (Black), DS Tailcap (Black), UE Tailcap (Tan), DS Tailcap (Tan)

72 reviews for Modlite ModButton | Integrated Switch & Mount | Mod Button

  1. anthonyzhang18 (verified owner)

    Great option for a tape switch because the light mounts directly on it and you get full output from your flashlight.

  2. Jacob Brandon (verified owner)

    Perfect option especially for shorter rifles. Can’t recommend enough if you can manage to grab one!

  3. Chee (verified owner)

    These rock. Replaced my surefire sr07 switches and arisaka with these and immediately noticed increased output on my okw and m600df. In addition to increased output, these provide a rock solid mounting platform and switch has very crisp and tactile feel, not mushy like the sr07. A must have, highly recommend!

  4. Joe Maddux (verified owner)

    To add to Matt’s review it’s also cheaper than running a Cloud Defensive LCS with an ST07 tapeswitch. I’m hoping Modlite will eventually make a version without the light mount for those that prefer the flatter actuation of the ModButton over the angled Hot Buttons. Mounting a light at the end of uppers with +14” rails can allow you to push the light as far forward as possible to minimize suppressor shadow but still allow you to mount the switch further back for those of us who don’t have Stretch Armstrong arms. A constant-on switch in addition to the momentary would be nice as well since I’d need those arms again to use the DS00 button. Everything’s perfect on an SBR though.

  5. matt (verified owner)

    Best set-up on the market right now. Frees up the most space on the top rail and allows for 15% more power input from the batteries. It is also cheaper compared to buying a unity tactical mount and surefire pressure pad assembly separately.

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