PHLster ARC Activation Paddles For Surefire X-Series WML

PHLster ARC Activation Paddles For Surefire X-Series WML


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Improve speed and consistency of weapon mounted light activation with user configurable and modular extended switches. 

The ARC comes as a set of three pairs of switches. All three pairs are over-sized compared to stock and the set includes a Large, XL, and XL blank set. The Large and XL are aggressively textured, improving activation with gloved or wet hands, and requiring less precise dexterity to activate the WML. A blank set in XL size is included for users to carve, modify, or stipple to fit their individual needs. 

Large, XL, and stock switches can be mixed and matched, to optimize the WML for right or left-handed use, based on your preferred activation technique, decrease the distance to the switch on some models of firearm, or to simply improve momentary or constant-on activations.

No permanent modifications to the WML are necessary to install the ARC. The original switch caps are easily removed with a small screwdriver or pliers and the ARC switch enhancements press directly on to the switch armature bar. Please watch the instruction video prior to installation. Be aware that the switches are right and left-hand biased, so pay attention to the markings on the ARC switch enhancements. 

Depending on the age of your light, manufacturing tolerances, and their intended use, some users may want to apply a tiny dab of adhesive to the switch armature bar as a final step in their installation, after determining their optimal switch configuration. 

The PHLser ARC for Surefire WML’s fits all popular light bearing holsters.

We accept returns of the ARC in original, intact condition. In the event of defect, we are happy to send a replacement unit. We cannot accept returns of units which have been snapped off the injection tree or installed on lights.


For years, serious shooters have been executing DIY modifications to their WML switches. Using JB Weld, putty, or epoxy, shooters have been improving their speed and consistency of WML activation by building up the small switch nubs on their lights. Drawing on those years of end-user experience, PHLster is excited to announce the launch of their ARC Enhanced WML Switches.

Shipping as a set of three pairs of switch enhancements, the ARC allows users to decrease the distance between activation fingers and switches, optimize their light for right or left-handed use, improve speed and consistency of activation based on their preferred method, and reliably engage the WML switches with gloved or wet hands. Each set of switch enhancements includes a Large, Extra Large, and Extra Large Blank set of switches. The L and XL are both aggressively textured and the XL Blank allows users to shape, carve, and stipple the switches to fit their specific requirements while remaining within a holster-friendly dimension.

If you have short fingers, are tired of compromising your grip to activate the WML, dislike grip switches, need more reach to activate the switches when installed on certain pistols, or just want to make WML activation faster and easier, the PHLster ARC is a necessary upgrade.

Switch installation is easy and requires no permanent modification. The stock switch nubs are easily removed with pliers or a small screwdriver and the enhanced switch end- caps press on to the switch armature bar. And, the ARC switch enhancements fit pretty much every decent WML holster on the market, including Safariland and many, many others.

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17 reviews for PHLster ARC Activation Paddles For Surefire X-Series WML

  1. Eric Johansen (verified owner)

    These are fantastic. The elongated toggle switch allows you to easily activate the light in momentary mode without having to change your grip. Phenomenal product.

  2. bluc21 (verified owner)

    Great product! Perfect if you have to change your grip to activate you wml.

  3. David (verified owner)

    My hands are a bit on the smaller side and by adding these I now can activate my X300Us without issue. Before it I basically had to go constant on only with my trigger finger usually hitting the switch but now I can go momentary when need

  4. Joshua (verified owner)

    not completely necessary but a great upgrade that will help with reaching the controls

  5. Jacob (verified owner)

    5 stars because it is a very simple and functional upgrade. The only downside is that the XL changed the leverage and felt wonky but the large one is perfect

  6. azaex55 (verified owner)

    Maybe I got a lemon or my X300 is tighter than most, these would not seat all the way on my X300U-A. Original buttons were hard to remove and putting the original ones back on doesn’t quite sit right as they did coming out of the factory.

  7. Cory (verified owner)

    These are a huge improvement over stock, for me, the shorter length paddles were perfect.

  8. officergoodman (verified owner)

    Why is it the simplest things make the biggest improvements? The grip and size makes it effortless when turning on the light. This is a must buy with every Surefire X300.

  9. Fraz (verified owner)

    Tried prying the oem paddles off with a flat head per the instruction video but could not get them to budge. I stopped trying after the metal started to bend without any movement of the paddle for fear of breaking the switch. Seemed like a good idea just not worth risking damage to try out.

  10. Thomas (verified owner)

    These small pieces of plastic are worth their weight in gold. Better textured, better reach. There’s no down side.

  11. leeclinton.stjohn (verified owner)

    A little more difficult to remove the OEM paddles than the video shows. However, once you get them off and installed they really do make a difference in the ease and ability to hit the momentary/on/off. Slightly disappointed Surefire’s paddles are not a tad bit longer from the factory.

  12. Greg S (verified owner)

    Still playing around with each length paddle so I can decide how I want them set up on my X300uA, but another great priced and fastly shipped transaction with Big Tex Outdoors!

  13. Toshio (verified owner)

    Another innovative idea by PHLSTER. I tried them on my X300 on my Glock17. They didn’t end up working for my hand/finger size and I ended going back to the factory switches, but these offer a great set of options, and are nonetheless a great enhancement. Options are always a good thing.

  14. Thomas (verified owner)

    No issues as far as durability, installs quickly,. A perfect purchase.

  15. Jacob Brandon (verified owner)

    Made a huge difference. Super easy to install!

  16. Daniel H (verified owner)

    Work as well as any other CR123 in my weapon lights. Low price per battery.

  17. trentprince (verified owner)

    Cool little product. Works as advertised, simple install.

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