PHLster City Special Revolver Holster | LCR or J-Frame

PHLster City Special Revolver Holster | LCR or J-Frame


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Introduced in 2013 for J-Frame revolvers, the City Special was the first AIWB-oriented revolver holster to address the niche issue of the complex problem of single-handed emergency revolver reloading. The techniques presented in revolver-centric instruction typically involve the improvised tucking of the gun or cylinder into a pocket or belt to maintain access to the chambers. The City Special brings the advantages available to semi-auto pistols, namely using the holster as a platform to reload, to the small revolver. Our reload cut, standard on all models, allows the user to insert the open cylinder into the holster in the rare event of an emergency reload. The extended form of the holster also provides an ambidextrous body shield for the gun, making the City Special, like our Skeleton holster, 100% ambidextrous.

Previously, the City Special was only available as limited editions, made in occasional batches for snub enthusiasts. Due to the accumulated cult following and popularity growth over the past five years, we’ve brought the City Special online as a full production model, taking advantage of our new production processes to provide a wider variety of fit compatibility, improved features, and expanded brand support.

For the newest iteration of the City Special, we’ve included the ergonomic strategies you’ve come to expect from PHLster products. Molded into each holster are rounded and enlarged muzzle areas, to help increase comfort and concealment, no matter if it’s set up for right or left-handed carry. Crimson Trace laser grip compatibility is now standard on all models. 

The PHLster TuckStrut™ is also standard on each holster, providing grip rotation to reduce printing, with adjustable ride-height and an adjustable snap loop to fit your belt. 

The S&W J-Frame model is compatible with the following Smith&Wesson model revolvers, up to 2.125 barrel length:

36, 43, 60, 340, 340PD, 351C, 351PD, 360PD,  361, 437, 442, 637, 638, 640, and 642.

The Ruger LCR model is compatible with all calibers and model of LCR up to 1.87in barrel lengths:

5401, 5409, 5410, 5414, 5424, 5427, 5428, 5430, 5434, 5439, 5450, 5452, 5456, 5460, 5462, and 5464. 

Learn more about the Reload Cut feature here:

Additional information

Weight 3.2099305402425 oz
Dimensions 06 × 4 × 1 in


2 reviews for PHLster City Special Revolver Holster | LCR or J-Frame

  1. Toshio (verified owner)

    Never saw myself as someone who’d consider a revolver, but glad I kept an open mind and took the plunge to give an LCR a try. A big contrast to my usual daily carry Glock 17 + RMR + X300. Has been fun to try out carrying this much smaller revolver package. I already had been running a PHLSTER Floodlight with much success for my Glock, and I admire PHLSTER’s products and philosophy toward carry. The City Special is one of the few available holster options out there that’s tailored to appendix carry of an LCR or an AirWeight. I would recommend this holster to anyone running one of those two snub-nose platforms.

  2. Brendon Bennett (verified owner)

    Love this holster! Best thing is u can use it to 1 hand reload

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