PHLster Spotlight Light Bearing Holster for Glock Pistols. X300U & TLR


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The PHLster Spotlight brings the ergonomic and concealment features of our popular Classic holster to light-bearing applications.
Designed in collaboration with Henry Holsters, whose light bearing holster execution we have long admired, the Spotlight integrates the PHLster
ergonomic teardrop to reduce muzzle-end hot spots of discomfort while angling the above-belt portions of the gun into the body. The Henry Holsters
ModWing-L is an adjustable grip-tucking wing which helps rotate the grip of the gun inward to the body to reduce printing. The amount of rotation
is user adjustable by swapping spacer heights.

Holster retention is also adjustable, providing snug fit, secure retention, and a smooth draw. The dual pull-the-dot snap loops are adjustable for ride height and
belt width.

The Spotlight is compatible with slide-mounted optics, suppressor height sights, and compensators.
This initial lauch fits Glock models 19/23/32, 17/22/31, and 34/35 with Surefire X300U A/B and Streamlight TLR1/1HL lights.
(Use with other gun and light combinations, or use without the light attached is not recommended.)

Additional information

Weight 6.3845871185043 oz
Dimensions 9 × 4 × 2 in


8 reviews for PHLster Spotlight Light Bearing Holster for Glock Pistols. X300U & TLR

  1. Josh (verified owner)

    really great quality holster you will not go wrong this is now part of my EDC .

  2. Brendon Bennett (verified owner)

    Great holster! Very concealable and Holds where u need it

  3. Alex Allen (verified owner)

    I’m using this for a Glock 17/ TLR-1/507c. It comes with two different size “wing” options. I was initially carrying it with the longer/thicker of the two, and it concealed pretty well. I just changed that out for the smaller/thinner wing and it really makes the optic body disappear. I agree 100% with Phlster’s philosophy of making AIWB holsters long to give them more stability and keep the top of the pistol from flopping out over the belt. It seems counterintuitive at first, but it works.

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