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The ModuLoader Pocket Shield was conceived by Chris Fry, owner of MDTS Training, and was co-developed with, and manufactured by Raven Concealment Systems.
The Pocket Shield is a flexible, modular platform which allows an individual to securely and discreetly carry a small defensive implement (such as a firearm, pistol magazine, fixed-blade or folding knife, flashlight, canister of pepper spray, expandable baton or other impact weapon, multi-tool, etc) inside the front pocket of jeans or dress pants without visible pocket clips or printing.
The Pocket Shield is shaped to ride comfortably in the front pocket of most pants, and provides consistent orientation within the pocket to facilitate quick-access and deployment of an individual’s light or weapon. The platform is made from flexible, high-strength polymer that conforms to the shape of the user’s body for all-day carry comfort; yet it is rigid enough to remain anchored securely inside the pocket during strenuous movement or weapon deployment.
The unique mounting slots on the Pocket Shield allow users to attach nearly any small knife sheath or pocket holster to the platform at a wide range of angles. It can even be trimmed by the user to facilitate achieving a full fighting grip on the weapon or to fit in smaller pockets.
The Pocket Shield not only provides a stable platform – it masks the profile of whatever is attached to it. This is especially important for those who must wear dress pants or other garments made with thin, clingy material.
Prototypes and pre-production units of the ModuLoader Pocket Shield have been tested and fielded both domestically and abroad in a variety of non-permissive environments, with excellent results. This simple tool is a must-have for anyone conducting low-profile/no-profile missions.
Like all RCS products, the ModuLoader Pocket Shield is 100% U.S.-made, and is covered by their unconditional lifetime guarantee.

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Weight 3.2099305402425 oz
Dimensions 6 × 4 × .5 in



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1 review for Raven Concealment MODULOADER POCKET SHIELD

  1. Taylor

    Was looking for a backing for my G-Code mag carrier as it was digging into my side. Found the Raven Concealment Pocket Shield while searching the site. Once I secured the shield to the mag carrier with the hardware that was supplied I added a thin piece of foam/felt to the back of the shield and now I can wear in complete comfort. The ordering and shipping process with BigTex is always easy. I did utilize the discount code provided from Practically Tactical as I support them and try to utilize vendors that support them as well.

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