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The Perun is RCS’s flagship outside-the-waistband (OWB) holster.  It is the result of blending the best features of two of their most popular holsters, the Eidolon and the Phantom, to create a highly refined, exceptionally concealable holster.    The Perun is designed to be the best modular OWB “pancake” style holster on the market.  It has a body-hugging design that rides high for maximum concealment.  The body of the holster is only slightly larger than the pistol contained in it.  This small size aids in concealment while also making the holster more comfortable while seated in a vehicle.The body-hugging curvature of this holster is accomplished using modular belt loops.  Each holster includes three pair of 1.5” belt loops (LH 10 degree cant, RH 10 degree cant, and ambi 0 degree cant), which allow the end-user to configure the ambidextrous holster body for left-handed or right-handed use, with either a 0-degree or 10-degree cant.Retention in the Perun is crisp, defined, and consistent, thanks to innovative design features inside the holster body.  The unique retention slider makes adjusting retention as simple as turning up the volume on your stereo.  And unlike other holsters that use the traditional “screw through a rubber grommet” style of retention, the Perun’s retention will not back off after repeated drawing and re-holstering. The Perun is compatible with most slide-mounted red-dot optics (like the Aimpoint T-1, Trijicon RMR, etc.) and accommodates suppressor-height front sights up to .350” tall.  It is also fully compatible with the RCS Balor optic mount. The Glock Perun is compatible with generation 3-5 Glock pistols. The Perun is compatible with all small frame 9mm, .40S&W, and .357sig Glocks. Example, The Glock 17 Perun will fit the corresponding standard full sized pistols such as the .40 G22 and .357 G31. The Glock 19 Perun will fit the corresponding compact sized pistols such as the .40 G23 and .357 G32The muzzle-end of the holster is rounded for comfort, yet has an opening sufficient to accommodate most common after-market extended and threaded barrels (with thread protectors).  The opening at the muzzle is also specifically designed to allow foreign objects (like spent casings) to drop out the bottom so that nothing can block your pistol from being safely re-holstered.The ambidextrous holster body has both inboard and outboard full-height body shields.  These body shields offer some protection for your pistol from sweat, as well as protecting your skin and cover garments (especially the thin material used for linings in sport coats and suit jackets) from being abraded by the serrations on the rear of the slide.  They also enhance safety by helping keep cover garments and other foreign objects from falling into the mouth of the holster while you have your pistol drawn, and aid in proper, safe muzzle orientation during re-holstering.The holster is injection molded from a proprietary, extremely high-strength polymer blend that is significantly more durable than Kydex or Boltaron.  Like all RCS products, it is made in the USA, and is backed by our lifetime warranty.
*Legacy belt attachments are NOT compatible with the Perun holster.

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Weight 9.5945176587468 oz
Dimensions 11 × 6 × 2 in
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Glock 17, Glock 19, Glock 43/43X (non-MOS), Glock 48, Sig P320C, Sig P320F, Sig P365XL, Smith & Wesson M&P Shield 9mm/ .40cal, Ruger LC9

4 reviews for Raven Concealment Perun OWB Holster

  1. ghoti24 (verified owner)

    Good holster, got everything you’d need. Good retention without any additional gadgets to draw cleanly. Minimal footprint of the holster itself and the belt loops keep it tucked in close to the body. Personal preference but I like the full sweatguard as well. Happy with the purchase especially at the great price here.

  2. tylerjclift (verified owner)

    Great holster for OWB. It takes some time initially to make sure you get the right setup with all the included parts, but overall very pleased!

  3. Cody (verified owner)

    Great holster for the money. It keeps the gun tucked in close to the body . the only complaint is its a pain in the rear to put together

  4. C.Lee (verified owner)

    For the money, this is a hard holster to beat. It really is everything that is written in the product description.

    In-use, I find it to be on-par with other modern injection-molded polymer-plastic OWB holsters (such as the Blade-Tech offerings), and I appreciate the thoughtfulness of its execution (i.e. the open bottom insuring that spent cases or debris from groundwork would not hinder holstering and that the ambi sweat-shield would both help prevent clothing intrusion and protect the inside of the cover garment from slide/sight wear/catching). Similarly, the mounting options provided allowed for a degree of personalization that, previously, us end-users had to specify right-off with our “custom” Phantom orders.

    While its footprint may not be that much smaller than the Phantom’s (of which I have several), I do like that it does away with the excess of the “E-Tool” style and allows for more freedom of my upper thigh. That said, for me, with the holster mounted on a Ares Gear Enhanced Ranger, subjectively, it doesn’t hug my body as tightly as the old Kydex pancake Phantoms. OWB is range-setup for me, but I’ll sometimes stop to fill up the car or my belly after a session, and this holster – for what/how I dress and with my support gear – doesn’t seem to conceal as well for me in the “just a T-shirt over it” sense, versus the old Phantom.

    Being able to adjust the tension without having to resort to a hair-dryer or heat-gun is definitely a plus. Similarly, so is not having to worry about the holster baking in a hot car is also a big plus of modern materials. That said, I’ve grown to love the positive click-in of my Kydex Phantoms, even though I can’t fault the Perun its retention capabilities. I don’t jump out of planes or even vault over fences, but at least through normal range activities including ground drills, I haven’t had my gun pop out, either.

    Overall, with how well-thought-out and how well-made this holster is, I think it’s certainly a great purchase for a novice or beginner shooter as they can be assured that it’s money well-spent: that this holster will do exactly what it is advertised to do, and that it will cover those beginner needs. Even should the shooter go the route of custom Kydex or leather in the future, this would still be an excellent backup to have on-hand.

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