TA Targets Mini A-DAP System with 20” Round Base


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The A-DAP 2.0 target system features an adjustable angle bracket that allows various degrees of forward lean. This lean is steeper and more versatile than our previous generations of A-DAP steel target systems which results in an even more well-rounded system for steel target connoisseurs. This laser cut, precision formed set of brackets allows nearly 45 degrees of lean with our C Zone target system and nearly 40 degrees of lean with our Mini A-DAP system. Our users can now choose the best lean for their needs and target presentation requirements. These systems now also feature a revised A-DAP top bracket that has been extended almost 2″ to allow more movement of the steel plate when impacted. Users can continue to couple their existing hostage accessories with this system. This is total compatibility with older accessories. This step in the evolution of our A-DAP AR550 Steel Target Systems is a pivotal moment in our history as we further define what it truly means to create the ultimate steel target systems and components.

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– Reduced C Zone Target plate. Approximately 30% SMALLER than our C Zone A-DAP Plate

– Extremely durable and stable 20″ round base standard. Available upgrade to our Arachnid Armored base for ultimate stability, strength and portability.

– Standard Tool-less construction, just like our other A-DAP targets

– 1/2″ AR550 target plate means this target is ready for heavy use

– Target Plate Dimensions: Approximately 8″ Wide x 16″ Tall, This is a REDUCED C Zone Target system.

– Bolts are our standard GRADE 8 Carriage bolts

– This system features our newest adjustable lean brackets for optimum target lean for various uses and distances. Please note: we recommend using the armored post for steep lean angle applications. Accelerated 2×4 wear will be experienced on the last hole setting.

– 1/2″ AR550 version is rated for pistols at 10 yards, .223 as close as 30 yards (with proper ammo), 308 at 50 yards, magnum rifle calibers at 100 yards and beyond

*NOTE: Distance recommendations are determined with lead core, copper jacketed ammunition with a muzzle velocity of 3,000 FPS or less. Faster ammunition may require further distances to avoid possible dimpling of the plate.

– Approximate weight of complete system is 48 pounds.

– Ships in a 24″x24″X6″ box

– Base not intended to withstand bullet impacts

– Not intended for steel core or penetrator ammunition

Additional information

Weight 736 oz
Dimensions 24 × 12 × 8 in


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