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February Power Outage Updates

2/18/2021 5:00pm

UPS came by and picked up over 100 packages today. We also successfully dropped off over 400 packages with USPS. We still have about 400 orders to work through but we should be caught up and back to our normal lead time of 24 hours or less by Friday.

2/18/2021 11:30am

UPS has reached out and confirmed that they’re operational again. Orders shipped via UPS will be sent out today. We’re still unsure about USPS but we’ll update as soon as we find out more.

2/18/2021 9:30am

Those of us that can safely do so are returning to the warehouse to ship out orders. We will begin processing them in the order that they were placed. We still have not confirmed if USPS or UPS are servicing the area so the packages may not make it into the hands of the carriers until a later date. At the very least, we’ll have them boxed up and ready to go for when the carriers resume service. We’ll update this page once we confirm that UPS & USPS are running again.

Everyone on the team is safe so far although a few are still experiencing rolling blackouts. So far no damage has been done to any of our homes nor the warehouse. We really appreciate all the kind words and encouragement.

– Ike, Maddi & The BTO Team

2/16/2021 11:30am

We are continuing to monitor the situation. There’s still several million homes without power including most of our staff. Everyone on our team is still safe and warm so we are grateful for that. The roads are still iced over and temperatures remain in the teens. UPS and USPS are currently not servicing our area so even if we could safely make it to work, no packages would be able to leave our facility.

Our plan is to return to work on Thursday afternoon (weather permitting) and start to box orders up. Hopefully by that time USPS & UPS will be able to resume operations.

If you are in a major rush for your order and need to cancel, just email or reply to your confirmation email.

We’ll continue to update this page with new information. Keeping our folks safe is still the number one priority and we’re not going to put someone in harm’s way just to send out a package.

Thanks for your continued support and understanding!

– Ike, Maddi & The BTO Team

2/15/2021 3:30pm

As you’ve probably heard on the news, our part of the country recently had a little snow, while it was only a few inches, we typically only see a flurry once or twice every decade and when it does show, it’s never over an inch. This is definitely way more than our area is used to. 

Most major highways in the area are closed and most of the area is without power. Temperatures are in the teens and expected to stay below freezing for several days. Outages are expected to last for a few days. To put things in perspective, our average temperature for February is 64 degrees and the This is definitely out of the norm.

Everyone on our team is safe and warm. However, it will probably be a few days before we resume operations. The safety of our employees is our main concern and as soon as it is safe to do so, we’ll be back in the shop and shipping out packages. We expect power at our warehouse to be restored on Wednesday but hopefully sooner. 

If your order is urgent and you need to cancel it, just reply to your confirmation email and our customer service team will get you taken care of.

We appreciate the support and your understanding!

– Ike, Maddi & The BTO Team