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SOC-F Fund Raising Program

Big Tex Ordnance is proud to partner with the Special Operations Care Fund (SOC-F) to help raise funds. SOC-F is a 501(c)(3) charity that works to provide medical, financial, and other support to SOF members and their families in ways that are often not met through other sources. They are one of the most efficient charities we’ve found with an extremely high percentage of funds raised going directly to the cause.

Big Tex Ordnance will match donations made through our site dollar-for-dollar. All processing fees are paid so every dollar donated, is a dollar that SOC-F receives.

You can read more about SOC-F and the work they do HERE.

Watch the Videos Below to Learn More

Donation History

MonthCustomer DonationsOur MatchTotal
LIFETIME TOTAL$114,865.00$114,865.00$229,730.00
May 2022$4,100.00$4,100.00$8,200.00
April 2022$4,700.00$4,700.00$9,400.00
March 2022$4,714.00$4,714.00$9,428.00
February 2022$4,319.00$4,319.00$8,638.00
January 2022$4,753.00$4,753.00$9,506.00
December 2021$4,679.00$4,679.00$9,358.00
November 2021$5,222.00$5,222.00$10,444.00
October 2021$4,721.00$4,721.00$9,442.00
September 2021$3,718.00$3,718.00$7,436.00
August 2021$3,838.00$3,838.00$7,676.00
July 2021$3,672.00$3,672.00$7,344.00
June 2021$3,837.00$3,837.00$7,674.00
May 2021$4,082.00$4,082.00$8,164.00
April 2021$4,903.00$4,903.00$9,806.00
March 2021$5,484.00$5,484.00$10,968.00
February 2021$4,079.00$4,079.00$8,158.00
January 2021$6,245.00$6,245.00$12,490.00
December 2020$4,659.00$4,659.00$9,318.00
November 2020$4,253.00$4,253.00$8,506.00
October 2020$3,864.00$3,864.00$7,728.00
September 2020$3,192.00$3,192.00$6,384.00
August 2020$3,805.00$3,805.00$7,610.00
July 2020$2,486.00$2,486.00$4,972.00
June 2020$2,206.00$2,206.00$4,412.00
May 2020$1,889.00$1,889.00$3,778.00
April 2020$1,994.00$1,994.00$3,988.00
March 2020$2,577.00$2,577.00$5,154.00
February 2020$1,423.00$1,423.00$2,846.00
January 2020$1,228.00$1,228.00$2,456.00
December 2019$1,303.00$1,303.00$2,606.00
November 2019$1,033.00$1,033.00$2,066.00
October 2019$720.00$720.00$1,440.00
September 2019$572.00$572.00$1,144.00
August 2019$595.00$595.00$1,190.00


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