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KIJI™ is the most powerful, modular, VCSEL-based infrared laser illuminator commercially available. A Class 3R laser device, similar to the illuminator performance of the MAWL-DA, the KIJI K1-3˚ emits up to 150mw, and the KIJI K1-10˚ emits up to 350mw of flawless infrared laser illumination. Both models feature four programmable power levels and include beam diffuser options to quickly adjust beam power and divergence, ensuring the best irradiance on target for any situation.

As a modular infrared illuminator, KIJI supports a wide variety of use scenarios – from umbrella lighting interior structures, to punching out hundreds of meters on a SPR. KIJI is compatible and interchangeable with most common CR123 300 series white light bodies and mounts, offering near endless versatility in handheld, helmet, weapon, vehicle, or aircraft mounted applications. This laser illuminator is designed to be used with user-preferred and existing aftermarket mounting hardware or remote switching options – making mounting and adoption as simple as using the parts and switching you already know and train with.

The KIJI comes in two models. Combining the included 10° diffuser on KIJI K1-3˚ and the included 40° diffuser on KIJI K1-10˚, KIJI provides users with flexibility in output, beam pattern, and mounting hardware. This makes KIJI is an extremely high-performing and low-cost laser illuminator capable of meeting any IR illumination scenario or platform requirements.

Overcoming photonic barriers in real world situations has never been as easy or as affordable. Both KIJI K1 models contain four Power Levels (PLs) which may be accessed in a variety of activation configurations based on operational need. The activation configuration of a unit can be altered by entering Programming Mode and selecting the corresponding mode from the table in the User Guide.

Indicator Light:
The Indicator Light is located just above the B.E. Meyers & Co., Inc. product marking. The orientation of the Indicator Light to any given Body the head is attached to will be random. The laser safety warning labels can be found on the reverse side of the device from the Indicator Light.

Aperture Cover, Diffusers & Cowling:
The KIJI K1 laser device(s) come equipped with an Aperture Cover that has a built-in external diffuser. The Aperture Cover and diffuser combination serve to protect the laser aperture window, render all output PLs Class 1 (with the diffuser shipped with the particular model as listed below), and provide the user with the ability to quickly change the beam size of the KIJI K1.

  • The KIJI K1-3° is provided with an aperture cover with a 10° diffuser installed, marked with “10”
  • The KIJI K1-10° is provided with an aperture cover with a 40° diffuser installed, marked with “40”

Aperture Covers are held in place with a retaining band that can be removed by the user and replaced if necessary. An additional retaining band is included with KIJI K1 kits. Additional Aperture Covers and retaining bands can be purchased separately.

The polymer Cowling around the Head of the device can be independently rotated to orient the flip-open Aperture Cover and to properly expose the Indicator Light. The Cowling serves to retain the aperture cover and is not necessary for function.

Arming, Activation, & Safety:
KIJI uses a single (1) 3V CR123 battery. Do NOT use with 6V light bodies.
The device is ARMED once a battery is installed. There is no “ARMED” indicator. To render the device inert the batteries must be removed or the endcap of the device unscrewed a 1/4 turn from the body. Unscrewing the endcap of the device is the preferred method to render a device with a battery installed safe when activation is not necessary.

The activation button on the supplied endcap can function either as a momentary button or clicked-down for constant on. See “Operation Styles” for more information.

Aftermarket remote switches or buttons compatible with CR123 300 series light bodies will operate KIJI. Do not use endcaps that can alter the output power of a normal white light, such as EDC-style “gas pedal” endcaps.

Operation Styles:
Programmability is a core component of KIJI with multiple intensity settings and mode combinations, all selectable by the user to ensure optimal performance at the touch of a button. Each model features four power levels and 32-modes of use in three Operation Styles:

Simple (4 Modes):

  • The KIJI K1 device emits a single output Power Level (PL). The activation switch can be used for either momentary activation or clicked-down for constant on with a push-button endcap.

Cycled (22 Modes):

  • The KIJI K1 device emits two to four different PLs depending on the mode. Tapping or clicking the activation button quickly will cycle through the available PLs.
  • The activation button can be clicked-down to or held to stay in that PL until released.
  • The cycle goes only in a single direction, and does not loop through – consecutive taps on the last PL will stay on that PL until the activation button is released for 1 second.
  • The direction of the PLs, low to high or high to low, will be determined by the mode.

Toggled (6 Modes):

  • The KIJI K1 device emits two different PLs. The activation button functions as in the Simple style, however by using the button combination of TAP, TAP, TAP & HOLD, called Triple-Tap, the PL will swap to the other available PL for the Mode. It is not necessary to click-down the activation button during HOLD.
  • The ‘taps’ for the Toggled Triple-Tap must be within 200ms of each other. Slow taps will not toggle the PL.
  • This Operation Style is best paired with a remote cable or switch without a click-through function.

Battery Life:

  • Short Answer: 4hr 15min at full power at full power constant on.
  • Long Answer: At Power Level 4 (PL4 of 150mw) the KIJI 3 degree will run for approximately 4 hours and 15 minutes (constant on/firing) before output power starts to ramp, and then another 30 min until the output power has fallen to 10% of the original set point (so down to 15mw).  So, technically stays on even longer.


  • Short Answer: 1hr 12min at full power constant on.
  • Long Answer: At Power Level 4 (PL4 of 350mw) will run for approximately 1 hour and 12 minutes (constant on/firing) before power begins to ramp, and then another 46 min until the output power has fallen to 10% of the original set point (so down to 35mw).

The KIJI laser devices requires very little user maintenance outside routine cleaning, lubrication, and O-ring replacement. Remove batteries before maintenance. When well maintained, the KIJI K1 is submersible to 1m for 30 minutes (with B.E. Meyers & Co., Inc. supplied Body and Endcap) with an operating temp. range of -20° to 50° C.

KIJI is an EAR controlled product.

KIJI is a trademark of B.E. Meyers & Co., Inc. CAGE: 6U501
OM88638-00 REV 01

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Weight 116 oz
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 8 in

3 degrees, 10 degrees

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