D-Wipe® Skin Cleaning Towels


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D-Wipe® Towels

Disposable towels are generously saturated with a gentle pH balanced cleaner to quickly remove lead and heavy metal dust. The soft towels lift, bind and hold lead and other heavy metal dust and take them away without smearing. With Aloe skin moisturizers, D-Wipe towels are the portable and convenient way to clean the hands, arms, face and body. Available in 150 or 80 wipe canisters.

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150 wipe canister, 40 wipe canister

20 reviews for D-Wipe® Skin Cleaning Towels

  1. Andrew Arcangel (verified owner)

    A must have for after range day. Keep it in your vehicle and wipe off your hands/arms/face of any lead.

  2. matt2moy (verified owner)

    Great price. Great to wipe off face and arms even if the range has D-Lead soap. And an essential if the range doesn’t have the soap or you’re out in the country. Smells fine and not too tough on your skin.

  3. gage1911 (verified owner)

    Great to keep in the truck for use at the range.

  4. Eric Surette (verified owner)

    Low velocity lead poisoning is less painful but arguably worse than the high velocity kind. Help keep the lead out with these.

  5. Drake (verified owner)

    Perfect for the range to wipe hands/face, or even after doing some home gunsmithing. All that “carbon” is actually heavy metal residue lolol. Take care of yourself. *also take note these wipes have a lower shelf-life than expected, still good for a year+ tho.

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