D-Wipe® Skin Cleaning Towels
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D-Wipe® Skin Cleaning Towels


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D-Wipe® Towels

Disposable towels are generously saturated with a gentle pH balanced cleaner to quickly remove lead and heavy metal dust. The soft towels lift, bind and hold lead and other heavy metal dust and take them away without smearing. With Aloe skin moisturizers, D-Wipe towels are the portable and convenient way to clean the hands, arms, face and body. Available in 150 or 80 wipe canisters.

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150 wipe canister, 40 wipe canister

4 reviews for D-Wipe® Skin Cleaning Towels

  1. Jorge (verified owner)

    Awesome for after the range! Use it to wipe down surfaces too!

  2. TP (verified owner)

    Good line of products to use after cleaning your firearms.

  3. Ben H (verified owner)

    If you’re a serious shooter, you need these. Makes clean up after a long range session easy, especially at the majority of ranges that don’t even have a sink to wash up in.

  4. allgooddeeds2 (verified owner)

    This stuff is the best! I use it after each and every range session, and feel confident that I’ve removed any outstanding traces of lead, etc from my session. I have been using D-Lead products for years, and strongly recommend this product, and am confident you will too 🙂

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