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The Pebble Grip utilizes MJF 3D printing with durable Nylon 12 just like our Enhanced Foregrips. This method of manufacturing is unique in that it doesn’t conform to modern manufacturing principles that injection molding requires. With this style of manufacturing, we can avoid draft angles and create shapes that wouldn’t be moldable. Because of this, we were able to alter the shape and texturing of pistol grips that we traditionally know.

Like its larger sibling the Granite Grip, the Pebble Grip’s geometry widens to fill your palm before tapering to a narrower point at the bottom. Tapering the grip aids in the placement of your hand as well as generating more leverage and control of the grip itself.

Texture: The Pebble Grip has a texture that doesn’t exist anywhere else on the market. Utilizing advanced 3D modeling we can change and tweak the textures limitlessly for the best possible traction, smooth out in areas of movement where you don’t want grip, avoid hot spots, and fade out the texture unlike any grip before.

Ergonomics is our specialty. Our design team has a background in human factors of design and we are a team full of shooters. During the development process, we studied the strengths and shortcomings of existing grips in our industry and looked outside of our industry for inspiration. With a drawn-out research phase, we focused on making a pistol grip that provided an optimal grip angle when shooting from a wide assortment of positions, that worked with and without gloves, that accommodated the 99% of hands of the population, that enhanced the selector manipulation process and provided a grip for long-distance precision shooting and up close rapid fire.

Choose between our Fine, Coarse, and Topo texture options to optimize the Pebble Grip for your needs. We recommend Fine texture for those who want a smoother finish,  like to use hockey tape as their main traction or don’t like the intensity of the course grips texture. If you want a grip that embodies calloused hands from a hard day’s work of chopping wood, deadlifting small pickup trucks, or popping open a nice cold one without a bottle opener the Course textured Pebble Grip is for you. The Topo has a level of grip somewhere between the Fine and Coarse versions but with more varied surface elevation.

Hardware is included with each Pebble Grip consisting of one 1” 18-8 Passivated Stainless Steel Button Head Hex Drive Screw designed to withstand the cruelest of weather conditions around the globe, as well as a Belleville lock washer for vibration management.

The Pebble Grip is designed, made, and assembled here in the USA.

Compatibility: Fits standard AR-pattern lower receivers like the AR15, M4, M16, AR10, M110, SR25, etc.

Additional information

Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 4 in
Grip Texture

Fine, Coarse

2 reviews for Edgar Sherman Design Pebble Grip

  1. charles89mustang (verified owner)

    Excellent grip . Up until now I mainly ran MagPul grips . But all of my builds moving forward will have Edgar Sherman course grips installed
    Big Tex ordnance is a great company to purchase from

  2. charles89mustang (verified owner)

    Excellent grip . Up until now I mainly ran MagPul grips . But all of my builds moving forward will have Edgar Sherman course grips installed

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