Forward Controls Design MSQ-H (MLOK,Sling adapter, QD, Heavy)

Forward Controls Design MSQ-H (MLOK,Sling adapter, QD, Heavy)


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Our MLOK QD swivel sling adapter is not unlike other MLOK sling adapters in the market, except MSQ-H  (MLOK, Sling adapter, QD, Heavy) is billet machined in 4140, and black nitrided.  Forward Controls Design isn’t always the first to market, we only strive to be the best.
MSQ-H is the first of several collaborations between Forward Controls Design and Sons of Libery Gunworks.  It is based on an existing product from Arson Machine.  We deem there is no point in changing an already superb design just so it’d look different, so we kept the design identical, and only changed the material and coating on the MSQ-H from the original, and added a discreet Cygnus logo.
MSQ-H is the second product in our new line of products with the H designation (the first being the 4140 ESF-H).  Heavier than the aluminum sling adapters, it is also stronger (4140 tensile strength is 95,000psi, vs 7075 T6 tensile strength of 73,000psi, and 6061 yield strength of 40,000) , we gladly accept the trade off  for better durability.  We’re not known for making light weight components, our focus is ever on duty/combat weapons grade designs where durability and practicality trump whatever new fad the industry is embracing at the hour.
MSQ-H weighs in at 0.867oz.  It’s not meant to be light, it is meant to be durable.
MSQ-H’s QD swivel socket is rotation limited, MLOK mounting hardware is included.  As with all Forward Controls products, MSQ-H is proudly made in the USA.
Recommended torque value is 35in/lbs for attaching to metal hand guards, and 15in/lbs for attaching to polymer hand guards.
An 8/32 Allen wrench (note included) is required to torque the mounting screws.

Additional information

Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 3 × 2 × 1 in


5 reviews for Forward Controls Design MSQ-H (MLOK,Sling adapter, QD, Heavy)

  1. Adam (verified owner)

    Overbuilt but still sleek.

  2. Sgt Tendie (verified owner)

    duck gang for life. heavy duty mount

  3. Skellytor (verified owner)

    Real beefy. Finish is great no blemishes anywhere. FCD spot on as always.

  4. Jonathan (verified owner)

    Certainly not the lightest, slimmest, or cheapest QD sling mount I’ve ever purchased, but definitely the most elegant and well-thought out one. All of the edges are chamfered to remove any hard corners, and, as mentioned by the other reviewer, the height of the mount pushes the swivel up and out slightly more to help reduce the likelihood of sling snagging under things behind it.

  5. Waytt (verified owner)

    This MLOK QD sling mount is probably among the heaviest you will find on the market. The advantages it offers for its weight are a VERY nicely machined exterior (chamfers everywhere) and a nitride finish which is perfectly smooth to the touch. 100% steel lends reliability long term with steel QD swivels. And lastly this mount pushed the QD swivel away from the rail more than the similar BCM QD mount – easier to clear flashlights, ect. Can’t go wrong with FCD.

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