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Please confirm your PDP version before buying the plate, v1 and v2 plates are not interchangeable.
From October of 2023, we’ve begun to transition T10 sight to plate screws to T15.
Trijicon’s new RCR and RMR HD are both compatible with OPF-PDP, RMR. If you have an RCR, you must use the capstan screws that came with the RCR.
V2 PDP slides have a longer optics cut, the serial numbers start with FDL9203, FDM0001, FDN3124).  V1 PDP optics cut is 1.85″ at the longest, while v2 cut is 1.93 at the longest.  Please be sure to check your serial number and/or measure the optics cut before choosing the correct plate.
The above V2 serial numbers made available by Walther are almost a year old, now please remove the cover plate and verify the version.
OPF-PDP v2, RMR is compatible with PDP-F.  V1 plate is NOT compatible with PDP-F.
Based on our successful GLOCK MOS compatible plate design, OPF-PDP, RMR is made for the superb Walther PDP and Trijicon RMR.
Featuring the same tight tolerances and design that hold the sight immobile on the plate, OPF-PDP, RMR was created to satisfy LE and defensive carry users demand for an RMR plate that we’ve created for GLOCK MOS.  We did have some reservations, for we’re a small company, and only choose to take on projects where we can truly bring improvement to the platform, it is not our goal to create a plate for every pistol that can accept one, nor every optic that exists.
Below is applicable to PDP v1 only.  PDP v2 has lugs and means to prevent the plate and optic on top from moving laterally and rotating.
 For the Walther PDP, we came across challenges we didn’t encounter with the GLOCK MOS, namely, the PDP optics cut lacks an anti-shift, anti-rotation mechanism found on the GLOCKMOS.  The plate can’t move along the bore much due to its being enclosed in the pocket, but it is possible to rotate it, and shift it laterally before the screws are installed.
OPF-PDP, RMR is machined with the same attention to detail and tight tolerances as other plates in the OPF family of products, this now comes into play as a factor for mitigating rotation of the plate in the PDP’s optics cut.  The tight tolerance of the plate means it can’t be easily rotated before the plate to slide screws are installed.  This is crucial, as the small plate to slide screws aren’t recoil lugs, and perform poorly as such, it’d be wishful thinking to believe the screws can perform anti-rotation, anti-shift functions on their own.
Machined from solid 1018 steel and black nitride treated.  As with any and all OPF line of optics plates, OPF-PDP, RMR is a solid state design with no moving parts.
OPF-PDP, RMR does not require a sealing plate for RMR.
Plate to slide torque value: 13in/lb
Sight to plate torque value: 12in/lb
Ameriglo GL-811 or GL-506 will work with OPF-DPP, RMR and provide lower 1/3 co-witness.
Proudly designed in Texas, and made in ID, USA.
We will soon stop including the L keys with all OPF products, L keys will become optional, we strongly suggest a proper torque wrench to impart the correct torque value.
Trijicon’s new RCR and RMR HD are both compatible with OPF-PDP, RMR. If you have an RCR, you must use the capstan screws that came with the RCR.

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Dimensions 2 × 3 × 3 in

v1, v2

2 reviews for Forward Controls Design OPF-PDP RMR

  1. cameronsdean (verified owner)

    Super well made, and optic fits tight to the plate. This is for the version 1 of the pdp optic cut.

  2. Colton Boothe (verified owner)

    Well made, unfortunately I grabbed the plate for the wrong generation PDP

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