HODGE DEFENSE S-Lock MLOK Rail System | HDSI Spine Lock Rail


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Weight 49 oz
Dimensions 13 × 5 × 4 in

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2 reviews for HODGE DEFENSE S-Lock MLOK Rail System | HDSI Spine Lock Rail

  1. ryan (verified owner)

    Hodge and Big Tex are the best of the best. The S-Lock rail is essentially a slimmer P-lock, and is close in profile to the Wedgelock. Like all Hodge stuff, the S-lock is fantastic. An excellent blend of rigidity, aesthetics, durability, and overall design. Grab one if you can.

  2. hk-47 (verified owner)

    I’m not the most experienced LARPer out there, but this is one of the nicest rails I’ve put my hands on.

    Finish 10/10 – it literally couldn’t get better.
    Feel 10/10 – a cross between the chonky plok and the wedge. It’s slimmer but not to the point it feels like you’re grabbing a hot dog.
    Weight 10/10 – it’s not lightweight, but it’s super well balanced which is the main reason for high marks. Most of the weight is concentrated near the barrel extension. My scale read about 1.5 oz lighter than the plok.

    I think this is a true do-all rail.

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