Holosun 507c V2 | HS507C (Version 2) 2 MOA Dot or 32 MOA Circle Miniature Red or Green Dot Sight


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The new HS507C V2 Micro Red Dot System from Holosun is a pistol-sized optic with an open frame for a great sight picture, clear glass and a rugged 7075 aluminum housing. It is powered by a CR1632 battery and Holosun’s innovative Solar Fail-safe back up. The HS507C will run up to 10 years on a single battery on setting 6, dot only. Featuring Holosun’s Multi-reticle system, the HS507C allows the operator to switch the reticle between a 32 MOA circle with 2 MOA dot, a 2 MOA dot only, or a 32 MOA ring only, all at the push of a button. Better yet, the same LED projects all three reticles, so no re-zeroing is necessary. It comes equipped with Holosun’s Shake Awake technology with last setting recall. This optic has Holosuns features in one tough, small package. Fits RMR mounts and milled slides.


  • Parallax free optical design
  • Multi-reticle System
  • Shake Awake technology with last setting recall
  • Solar cell and battery dual power supplies


Item Dimensions



  • Reticle2 MOA Dot & 32 MOA Circle
  • Light Wavelength540nm
  • Reticle ColorGreen
  • Parallax FreeYes
  • Unlimited Eye ReliefYes
  • Magnification1x
  • Multi-CoatingsYes


  • Power SourceSolar & Battery
  • Battery Type CR1632
  • Battery Life (Hours)50000
  • Brightness Setting10 DL&2 NV


  • Window Size0.63×0.91
  • Dimension (in)1.78×1.15×1.15
  • Weight (oz)1.5


  • Housing Material7075 T6 Aluminum
  • Surface FinishAnodize
  • Adjustment per Click1 MOA
  • W&E Travel Range±50 MOA


  • Storage Temperature-40℃~70℃
  • Working Temperature-30℃~60℃
  • SubmersionIP67
  • Vibration5000G


Additional information

Weight 8 oz
Dimensions 8 × 6 × 6 in
Dot Color

Red, Green

5 reviews for Holosun 507c V2 | HS507C (Version 2) 2 MOA Dot or 32 MOA Circle Miniature Red or Green Dot Sight

  1. Jason (verified owner)

    So far, so good. I’m really liking this optic. The battery tray is a great design. Not having to re-zero, just to replace the battery, is a nice feature. Especially at this point in the 2020 ammo shortage. The versatility of the reticle is another selling point. I like the ring and dot together. Shooting 6″ plates at 20-25 yards is no problem. The bigger ring makes it fast to find and the dot gives the accurate point of aim. The really work good together. I still want to put a few more hundred rounds on it to test out the dot. I’m not ready to put it on my EDC yet but I don’t believe this optic is going to give problems. The optic feels solid and heavy. It does not feel cheap like other optics I’ve looked at, that are not the RMR.

    I put this 507C on my Gen5 G17 slide, cut by Jagerwerks and it fits perfectly. The pocket was about 0.001 smaller than the optic so it “snapped” in place. This holds to body and the recoil lugs hold the optic also. The optic is solid on the slide. I will be trying the 508T next, after being impressed by this optic.

  2. Cody (verified owner)

    This is a great option if you dont want to be taking your dot off to change the battery. My only complaint is that in full sunlight it blooms the dot out very bad.

  3. CptMaxPower (verified owner)

    A bit mixed in my thoughts so far. The main advantages of this over the Gen 1 are the side loading battery and the larger buttons on the side. I have no issue with the new side buttons, they work well. The side loading battery came at the cost of a 1632 battery as opposed to a 2032 battery. I saw this comment elsewhere and then verified it myself. “The manual for the 507c gives 100,000 hrs for the circle dot or 200,000 hrs for the dot only at setting 5. The manual for the 507c V2 gives 10,000 hrs for the circle dot or 50,000 hrs for the dot only at setting 6.” So yes you don’t have to remove the optic to change the battery, but you also get notably less battery life (I understand the two settings mentioned also differ). This becomes more of a problem when I take into account that while I leave my RMR Type 2 at setting 6/8, for the Holosun I find I need to be at 10/12 to get the equivalent brightness. Yes the Holosun glass is more clear as many people comment, but the blue tint on the RMR reduces the intensity needed from the LED.

    Another negative I have found is that the auto setting is frankly bad, in my experience. The only time the auto setting is bright enough is if you’re practically looking right into the sun. My RMR Type 2, by comparison, while not perfect on auto is far better at adjusting to more subtle changes in ambient light. I mainly use the 507 setting on manual as a result, and I don’t think I’d bother with auto if I was planning to use it indoors.

    I do like the shake awake feature and it works as advertised, as well as providing an option to shut if off should you want (again, consider the reduced battery life). I personally prefer the single dot over the circle dot. The circle dot seems overly busy to my eye and I find I do better with the single dot. That said, you have the option to change the reticle which is nice. The solar panels as both a backup if the battery fails and as a power source is a clever idea.

    More disappointingly is on my model at any setting 6 and above I get almost a reflection from either the edges of the glass or the housing itself. It’s not the dot itself blooming or bleeding light, this is light that starts on the edges and creeps inward (only at the 12 and 3 o’clock positions). In bright daylight it’s a non-issue, indoors it can be mildly distracting. I have contacted Holosun about the issue and have had no response so far (understandably there is a global pandemic).

    Would I buy this again? Personally, no. I think the optic is reliable (no issue with the hundreds of rounds so far) and some features like the circle dot might appeal to others and the shake awake is still I think a good idea. But my Type 2 RMR is shorter and less bulky (if just slightly for concealment) and more rugged. It could well be I got a lemon and if I find I did I will update this review. The RMR is more money, but if you shoot a lot (and I do) then the difference compared to my shooting costs in a year isn’t that much.

  4. Taylor (verified owner)

    I had been waiting to see what Shotshow 2020 would bring for MRDS and this was a good reason to wait. I added this to a G17 that was milled for an RMR. It has been interesting comparing the 507C side by side with the RMR that is mounted on another G17. The feature of having the battery side load is great. Looking forward to running in some upcoming classes and playing with the reticle choices.

  5. wvantiques1611 (verified owner)

    This is a fantastic Red Dot Sight for handguns. The V2 improvements on the 507C are very nice. The side loading battery means no dis mounting to replace the battery, and the larger buttons on the side have a quality feel to them. I was afraid they would feel cheap. The overall build quality of the optic is top notch, and the circle dot reticle is extremely helpful to get shots on target fast. The clarity of the glass is crystal clear.

    I have no reason to think that this optic won’t last a long time as others have put it through extensive testing.

    Big Tex Outdoors is a great business to order from. Ship times have been very quick in the few orders I’ve placed, and they package the items well.

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