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The LMT® Modular Ambidextrous Rifle System (MARS®) lower receiver offers ambidextrous controls to include: selector, magazine release and bolt catch and release. The ambidextrous magazine and bolt catch mechanisms are machined directly into the receiver and have been designed to function as ergonomically as possible.  This lower receiver is designed with several  unique LMT® features to further enhance its durability and versatility.  These features are: enhanced magazine well, two-stage trigger group, winter trigger guard, ergo grip, QD endplate, and SOPMOD buttstock.

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Weight 80 oz
Dimensions 18 × 6 × 3 in

3 reviews for LMT MARS-L Complete Lower Receiver M7DA4 | Lewis Machine & Tool

  1. Christian Samayoa (verified owner)

    It’s a tool that needs to be used to protect our freedom.
    I took a class with slytac injured but not out. It opened my eyes in why I needed full complete Ambi safety and bolt catch. Need this on every pew that I have!
    Well worth it.
    Blemished or not it’s a tool. Use it guys!

  2. Mr.Jones (verified owner)

    This review is to correct a little bit of info on this LMT lower and BTO. Above is a review stating they received a blemished product, while this sounds disappointing, this is pretty common knowledge about LMT parts. They don’t come in absolute perfect condition, I mean they come in a plastic bag. But as I said, this is something well known and documented, so I already knew what to expect when I received my LMT Mars-L complete lower. As far as Big Tex not mentioning the condition of the lowers in the description, I do not see that as an issue because as stated before, MOST people buying LMT products already know what to expect. Take this review as fair warning if you think you are getting this gucci lower just for pictures, they don’t come perfect and never have. Don’t blame the messenger. Thank you Big Tex Ordinance!

  3. BR (verified owner)

    The lower that I received seemed to be what most would consider a blemished product. To me it is not a big deal but others may find this to be troublesome when considering that there is no mention of that in the posting for the product.

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