Magpul Industries DAKA Gear Strap 4-Pack 12″

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Enhance and expand the utility of your DAKA Hard Cases, or any case outfitted with the Magpul DAKA GRID Organizer, with our DAKA Gear Straps.

After feeding a DAKA Gear Strap through a DAKA GRID Panel, the foot-long strap’s hook-and-loop ends can immobilize a variety firearms or gear through the roughest handling. Its .75-inch width maximizes the Straps’ surface area for a strong connection and snug fit that won’t loosen over time, while still fitting through a DAKA GRID Panel. And because of the DAKA Gear Straps’ fastening method, each strap is quickly connected, released, and adjusted to safely secure your equipment as fast as you can adjust any DAKA GRID Blocks.

Four (4) DAKA Gear Straps are included in a set, and each strap is reusable and stands up to heavy-duty use.

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