Magpul PMAG D-50® GL9® – PCC | MAG1137

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NOTE: Not compatible with GLOCK Handguns

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Lightweight but incredibly strong, our PMAG D-50 GL9 – PCC is a highly-reliable, 9x19mm Parabellum, 50-round drum magazine for large-format pistols and pistol caliber carbines that feed from GLOCK® pattern magazines.

The Magpul D-50 GL9 – PCC boasts many of the proven features of its 5.56 and 7.62 predecessors, the PMAG D-60® AR/M4 and PMAG D-50® LR/SR GEN M3®, while providing the user with a similar magazine capacity increase. Providing 50-round capacity, the unique drum configuration keeps the height of the magazine manageable, allowing for prone firing and easier storage. For easy loading, it includes a ratcheting loading lever that removes tension from the internal spring.

To keep track of your available firepower, we’ve included a rounds-remaining rear window, a high-visibility follower and a capacity indication roller.

Easily disassembled for cleaning and featuring an innovative bolt hold-open feature, the D-50 GL9 – PCC reliably locks the bolt back on empty when used with firearms designed to lock back on GLOCK pattern magazine followers.

Made in the USA.

Angled top view of PMAG D-50 GL9, PCC showing orange follower and loading lever


Next-generation impact and crush-resistant polymer construction

Robust stainless-steel internals that withstand corrosion and long-term loaded storage with no loss of function, spring fatigue, or reliability concerns


Ratcheting loading lever for easy loading

Simple disassembly and reassembly

Closeup of PMAG D-50 GL9, PCC and its loading lever
Closeup of PMAG D-50 GL9, PCC showing orange follower


High-visibility follower and rounds-remaining window

Paint pen dot matrix



More Information
Caliber 9x19mm Parabellum
Platform Other
Capacity 50 rounds
Compatibility 9x19mm Parabellum pistol caliber carbines and large-format pistols with GLOCK-pattern magazine wells
Other Specs NOTE: Not compatible with GLOCK Handguns

Additional information

Weight 12 oz
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 4 in

2 reviews for Magpul PMAG D-50® GL9® – PCC | MAG1137

  1. codyamarple (verified owner)

    The good:
    It looks great, holds 50rds without sticking down ridiculously far like a stick mag, and is durable
    The bad: pain to load, and the first few times I used it I got a bunch of double feeds.
    It seems to have settled in now and runs reliably, it’s a blast to shoot with, but loading and breaking it in is a pain

  2. Chin Chan (verified owner)

    I can only speak as to how this performs in my CMMG Banshee so bear that in mind. I shoot this gun in USPSA which is why I needed the drum. Some USPSA stages can go up to 32 rounds total and that’s if you never miss a shot.

    The good: It’s the usual Magpul quality and if you strain your thumbs enough you will get 50 rounds in this. Most people quit around 43 because the spring pressure is atrocious.

    The bad: Because of the nature of Glock magazine fed PCCs there is no standard tower height. So there is no insertion stop on this drum. If you insert on bolt lock you need to remember to pull down on the drum to properly seat it or your first round will nose dive into the feed ramp. Speaking of bolt lock, I can’t get one of my drums to seat in the mag catch on bolt forward. This again is probably due to various tolerance stacking that Magpul can’t necessarily engineer out.

    The Ugly: This drum isn’t 100% reliable in my PCC. Which is really unfortunate. I am not sure if I need to “break in the mag” but I have been getting infrequent double feeds on the first few drums when they are new. My most used drum seems to have settled out but it’s too early to tell. That being said these drums in general are way way more reliable than my Taylor Freelance basepad magazine extensions even when I reload my ammo to their specs.

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