SOLGW NOX Deadair Sandman Muzzle Device Keymount | Sons Of Liberty Gun Works

SOLGW NOX Deadair Sandman Muzzle Device Keymount | Sons Of Liberty Gun Works


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The NOX Flash Hider is one of the top Flash Hiders on the market.  Designed to reduce concussion while controlling both flash and muzzle rise.  The NOX is also a suppressor mount for the Dead Air Sandman line of suppressors.

The NOX is designed for a right handed shooter, pushing the rifle down and into the support (left) hand.  

The NOX can be timed neutral or for a left handed shooter by turning the device 45 or 90 degrees respectively. 

Additional information

Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in
Thread Pitch


13 reviews for SOLGW NOX Deadair Sandman Muzzle Device Keymount | Sons Of Liberty Gun Works

  1. Darran Jergensen (verified owner)

    I put this on a 5.56 AR pistol build. The item was timed for a right hand shooter. I took it to the range and had zero issues with it. It did shift my POI (to be expected) but had zero issues re-zeroing. I did not put that many rounds through it but seemed to work as advertised. I have not used it with a Deadair product but that is why I bought the product.

  2. Chris Fick (verified owner)

    My God is this break hard to find! Good on BTO for actually acquiring some!! Timed at neutral with ZER0 issues! Wanted to try this out to compare it to my DeadAir flash hider QD. It’s noticeably different. Both are the same price, so go this route if looking for one! My DeadAir Sandman L fit no problem.

  3. Tony Dominguez (verified owner)

    Excellent quality from SOLGW as expected firearm shoots nice and flat and mitigates flash very well.

  4. Dan w (verified owner)

    Pairs greatly with the Keymo attachment system and decent job with the flash mitigation.

  5. cameronsdean (verified owner)

    Great muzzle device

  6. Kevin (verified owner)

    Great muzzle device. Mount works great

  7. davidpaularmstrong (verified owner)

    Great product! Great Service!

  8. Andrew Arcangel (verified owner)

    Bought this muzzle device in conjunction with the SOLGW 13.7” barrel. Very nice quality. Can’t wait to get it pin and welded and purchase my first suppressor in the future.

  9. modena1983 (verified owner)

    Exceptionally machined, great design, works very well. I got it for use as a supressor mount which is a great added bonus.

  10. Josh (verified owner)

    Great flash hider love it!

  11. jellis2731 (verified owner)

    Top tier quality! I was beyond impressed with the attention to detail. Great muzzle deceive that allows timing for right hand, neutral or left hand shooters!

  12. Benjamin Gibson (verified owner)

    Super fast shipping on this awesome muzzle device! Going to time this neutral on a 13.7” P&W and I know it will be awesome.

  13. Yeltsin Briseno (verified owner)

    Great muzzle device, compared to the Surefire Warcomp FH, works excellent for my 13.7 making it 16 OAL.

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