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MAX DIAMETER: Small 1.125″ / Medium 1.25″ / Large 1.45″


(85 customer reviews)

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The highly reflective head of a weapon light is a glaring hole (literally) in the camouflage system of your rifle. The One Hundred Concepts LightCap is a durable, quiet, low profile, and user serviceable cap that eliminates that reflection and fits a majority of weapon lights on the market.

The LightCap is designed with an integral lever that allows the shooter to flip the LightCap off the bezel of the light for rapid deployment of the white light. The included ranger band allows the LightCap to be retained near the bezel when removed so that it can be quickly placed back over the bezel.

The LightCap also acts as a safety against negligent light discharges that would reveal the user’s position. This is especially important if running night vision and IR laser/illuminators where an unplanned white light discharge could be catastrophic.

Weapon lights are not the only application for LightCap. They can be attached to helmet flashlights or any other rail mounted lighting solution you might need.

INCLUDES: 1x LightCap, 1x Ranger Band, 2x 12” sections of shock cord


The LightCap is made in the USA from an incredibly durable, UV-resistant thermoplastic. The LightCap is affixed with American made, rubber core shock cord and the included ranger band is made from EPDM Rubber with outstanding heat, UV, and saltwater resistance.

When properly tensioned, LightCap should not “rattle” during movement. To properly tension, first ensure that the ranger band is installed far back enough so that the LightCap can completely clear the bezel when flipped to the side. In this position, remove slack by pulling on the shock cord behind the ranger band.



Additional information

Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 6 in
Light Cap Size

Small LightCap, Medium LightCap, Large LightCap, Modlite HOG LightCap

85 reviews for One Hundred Concepts LightCap

  1. Quentin Fuselier (verified owner)

    Perfect fitment out of the box. This thing works so damn well that I can’t see any light escaping on a moonless night when I turn my light on. 10/10 would recommend.

  2. Some Guy (verified owner)

    Pretty cool. Worked great to keep my light clean before I went suppressed. Also hide negligent light discharge.

  3. Brent Kummer (verified owner)

    Best cap out there

  4. LedRobster (verified owner)

    Ordered this in large for a Surefire Scout Turbo and didn’t know it wasn’t suppose to be used with unsuppressed fire. Quickly found out after in blew off into pieces after a couple of shots at the range. Contacted Onehundredconcepts through email and they are sending me a new lightcap for free. Buy with confidence knowing they have your back.

  5. michaelross2alife (verified owner)

    I have these on all my lights. I have a small on a Surefire Scout, a medium on a Surefire Scout Turbo, and a large on a Cloud Defense Rein 3.0. The Scout Turbo is listed as needing a Large, but I thought it was way too big. The Medium snaps on tight, but I preferred that over the bigger size.

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