Overwatch Precision Polymer DAT for Glock Pistols
Overwatch Precision Polymer DAT for Glock Pistols

Overwatch Precision Polymer DAT for Glock Pistols


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Overwatch Precision is pleased to introduce the first aftermarket polymer trigger for Glock pistols! This trigger is designed to provide the same great feel that our aluminum triggers provide at a reduced cost for the budget minded shooter. As always, the flat-faced polymer DAT trigger will provide increased leverage to the shooter as well as a reduction of pre-travel by as much as 20% (depending on frame tolerances) without compromising firearm safety features, resulting in a clean, crisp break and reduced overtravel.


The shoe and safety are solid body polymer attached to a polished OEM Glock trigger bar.  The Overwatch Precision Poly DAT is completely drop in ready and is in stock for all Gen 1-4 Glock pistols. The addition of this trigger alone does not change the pull weight but when combined with our competition trigger spring and Glock OEM minus connector you can expect a reduction in trigger pull weight of one half to one full pound. Please note that we do not tune the trigger bar.   This trigger will not work in the G19X or Gen 5 Glocks. 

Also, the lawyer says that this should be installed by a qualified gunsmith.

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Weight 1.5873282891309 oz
Dimensions 3 × 2 × 1 in

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15 reviews for Overwatch Precision Polymer DAT for Glock Pistols

  1. mvnjohnson76 (verified owner)

    Love it!!!!!! ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  2. doge_hound (verified owner)

    Got this trigger for a P80 build and it works alright, the trigger shoe is actually a Gen 5 profile and so the trigger pin will come out quite easily but it doesn’t come out fully I “fixed” it by putting a very small amout of superglue around the pin and the pin hole and it has held it in place so far after 1-200 rounds so far. Overall the trigger is a nice flat trigger and better then the stock curve Glock trigger that came with my p80 package. I really like how the safety trigger lever goes flush with the trigger when you depress it.

  3. trevs99teg (verified owner)

    Best aftermarket trigger in my opinion, love the feel over the stock triggers and have overwatch triggers on all my glocks

  4. Dale Foster (verified owner)

    Great trigger, very smooth.

  5. Trevor (verified owner)

    Best aftermarket trigger available for Glock in my opinion. Reduced take-up with full safety function, and you save $80ish going with polymer over aluminum. Big pro with that is the trigger doesn’t get smoking hot during a class or long range day. Win-win

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