PHLster Flex Utility Pouch

PHLster Flex Utility Pouch


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We’ve spent months monitoring the PHLster Flex Users Group, observing how end-users configure their Flex systems and paying close attention to their needs and motivations. We’ve found that, often, an M4 mag pouch is pressed into service as a utility pouch to carry medical items or other equipment. The Flex Utility Pouch is slightly over-sized from a typical M4 magazine, allowing users to carry a broader selection of essential medical components on the Flex, while the elastic still maintains retention of a rifle magazine. We’ve designed this to be a true low/no profile utility pouch which can be worn as a standalone item or easily integrated into our Flex system. Unlike M4 pouches, the Flex Utility Pouch has no right angles, providing all-day comfort when carried in any position. The Flex Utility Pouch is 100% Made in the USA.

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Weight 3 oz
Dimensions 6 × 4 × 2 in


1 review for PHLster Flex Utility Pouch

  1. Adam (verified owner)

    No excuse not to carry a TQ. Works well with any CoTCCC recommended tq, often with room to spare. I use mine in between my reload and firearm on a flex panel, appendix.
    I do not know that I have ever seen it advertised, but the Velcro attachment can be unlooped and used solo IWB.

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