Surefire DS00 Waterproof Switch Assembly for Surefire & Modlite Weapon Mounted Lights | DS Tailcap


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The DS00 switch receptacle accepts ModButton and Hot Button switches as well as the Surefire ST07, SR07 and SR07-D-IT remote tape switches (sold separately). The DS Tailcap is a waterproof switch assembly for SureFire’s Scoutlight WeaponLights.  They also fit the Modlite WML bodies and any body that follows the Scout pattern. This tailcap includes system disable feature, click on/off pushbutton switch. The integrated pushbutton and remote switch assembly operates independently, providing switch redundancy.

Surefire DS Tailcap Features

Click on/off pushbutton switch
System disable feature
Two piece, o-ring sealed housing swivels to facilitate precise positioning of the integrated click on/off switch in the DS switch housing.

Additional information

Weight 2.3986294146867 oz
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 1 in


27 reviews for Surefire DS00 Waterproof Switch Assembly for Surefire & Modlite Weapon Mounted Lights | DS Tailcap

  1. Jared Perez (verified owner)

    Screws right into my modlite and the connector has Really strong retention when attached to the assembly.

  2. anthonyzhang18 (verified owner)

    Good combo with the Modlite Modbutton for constant on, due to Modbutton being only momentary on

  3. Jacob Brandon (verified owner)

    Love this thing with my Modbutton and Modlite PLHv2.

  4. raminsim (verified owner)

    Great product, I use it with my Modlite OKW.
    Also great service, thank you all the staff on Bigtexoutdoor.

  5. Chee (verified owner)

    A must have if you are using a modbutton, the ds00 allows you to have a constant on option.

  6. i.vancamp (verified owner)

    Works great with an Arisaka one cell light. Much smaller than I expected it to be, tan/fde is well anodized. Surefire quality and warranty worth the price.

  7. a.munoz.24 (verified owner)

    Could not be happier with this purchase. Aesthetically pleasing and tactilely crisp. Thank you BigTex!

  8. Cory (verified owner)

    Great solution to combine with a modbutton or surefire momentary tape switch

  9. smithluckk (verified owner)

    I use this with my modlite and modbutton lite & it works great. I love having the ability to have a constant on option opposed to momentary. Lightning fast shipping as ALWAYS with Big Tex! My go-to shop!

  10. Hunter Crumley (verified owner)

    What a great tailcap to use with the modbutton or modbutton lite. It gives you the option of constant on, and with the ability to swivel the cable before tightening the tailcap, you can get the switch exactly where you want it.

  11. boostinix (verified owner)

    Screws in tight. Free rotate is pretty cool. Does exactly what you need without being bulky.

  12. Skellytor (verified owner)

    Does exactly as described, couldn’t recommend more. Pairing with modlite plhv2 + modbutton. Machining looked great no blemishes in sight.

  13. Joshua-Angelo Magno (verified owner)

    Awesome tailcap, pairing with a Modlite PLHV2 and modbutton for the best setup on a carbine!

  14. Justin (verified owner)

    IMO better constant on control without taking up rail space

  15. mgregg31 (verified owner)

    Excellent products and outstanding customer service. Order arrived very fast and Big Tex included gifts that I wasn’t expecting. Would definitely recommend!

  16. czorhandz (verified owner)

    Works great with my plhv2. Big Tex is awesome!

  17. STAN (verified owner)

    works great with modlite

  18. kmpc4000 (verified owner)

    I like this cap! It makes my WML system ambidextrous and keeps me out of door ways.

  19. jcshaffer (verified owner)

    Modlite 18650 OKW, Mod Button, and a DSOO is the winning combination for reliability and full functionality! I’m so glad I bought the DS00 because now I can move my support hand around and not lose my WML abilities. #WinWin #GreatDeal

  20. Devin Shunia (verified owner)

    Best tool on the market!

  21. kadesno (verified owner)

    Works perfectly with my PLHv2 18650 modlite and modbutton for constant on when I need it!

  22. ryanhopper25 (verified owner)

    Great upgrade!

  23. cameronsdean (verified owner)

    Best tailcap for the modlite

  24. zhangomango (verified owner)

    Awesome tailcap. May be a bit big for a shorty though so for space savings probably go UE.

  25. reallifehoward (verified owner)

    Shopping with BTO is always a delight. They carry the best brands at reasonable prices and they’re hands down the King of Swag. Fast shipping as per usual and will continue to use them as my ‘go-to’ supplier.

  26. mblack (verified owner)

    This is very well built and adds redundancy to a tape switch setup that is an absolute must. Finish is excellent, the button feels great, and is overall a very high quality piece of equipment for anyone who needs it. I’ve had zero issues or complaints with mine.

  27. ryanhopper25 (verified owner)

    Constant on is good

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