Thyrm CellVault Battery Storage System


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The original, and still the most space-efficient way to keep your batteries and critical gear safe, dry and accessible.

The CellVault protects batteries and other critical gear while keeping it accessible and organized. The integrated webbing clip allows you to access the CellVault’s contents without removing it, or you can quickly detach it for more control.

The CellVault easily attaches to M.O.L.L.E., webbing, and straps, and features lanyard loops at both ends, for more attachment options. It features a slim vertical profile that utilizes less than 1 M.O.L.L.E. webbing column, giving you more room for other gear including first aid kits, ammo, and tools.

The CellVault’s slightly decreasing diameter can keep CR123 batteries at the bottom of the CellVault secure even when the CellVault is inverted. Just squeeze the sides of the tube to release CR-123s in the middle or bottom of the CellVault.

The CellVault’s waterproof, dustproof, durable exterior keeps your essentials safe and accessible, keeping you prepared for whatever comes your way.

A CellVault can store:
• Three CR123 batteries
• Four AAA batteries
• Two AA batteries
• Small survival gear such as matches, hooks and line, a light stick, iodine tablets, a compass, and lip balm
• First aid gear including hemostatic clotting agents, tweezers, and bandages
• Consumables* such as medication, instant coffee packets, electrolyte powder, candy
• Emergency money and a Flash Drive
• Cigar/Cigarettes/chewing tobacco

*If you plan to store consumables (medication, snacks) in the CellVault, wash it thoroughly and consider using a food-safe plastic bag. A test tube or bottle brush can be used to clean it. The CellVault is made with food-safe thermoformed plastic.

The CellVault is not designed to be waterproof under prolonged submersion; it is not designed for diving. Users should check the lip and o-ring of the CellVault for debris or wear that could prevent it from being waterproof over time.

Designed and manufactured in the USA.

Additional information

Weight .2 oz
Dimensions .5 × 5 × .5 in

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15 reviews for Thyrm CellVault Battery Storage System

  1. christopherbrown0205 (verified owner)

    Latch design is great, molle attachedment option makes it great for packs or PCs. Modlite batteries do not fit. make sure your batteries will fit before buying.

  2. Connor (verified owner)

    Good idea. I haven’t had it come off yet, but I prefer the latch design of the other model. If these were significantly less expensive, I’d buy this, otherwise the other model inspires more confidence. That being said, if this was the only design, id still buy them. The only thing that doesn’t make this the bees knees is their other options.

  3. Ryan McDonnell (verified owner)

    Thyrm makes a great product.

  4. MattyG (verified owner)

    These are pretty nice, got a great deal. Molle on random free space is hilarious

  5. CMack (verified owner)

    I prefer the locking design of the XL tube. The latch on this has come undone enough times that I had to pull the cellvault off my kit (the main reason I got this). It’s been staying put on a bag, but that just sits around in the car, so not much of a challenge.

    That’s said, it holds batteries just fine.

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