Thyrm Switchback 2.0 for Modlite HOG Handheld Flashlight


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During the design of the Switchback 2.0, Sage Dynamics provided significant input that led to the final version. This limited edition recognizes those contributions by featuring a Sage Dynamics logo and the first Olive Drab colorway for the SwitchBack product line.

The SwitchBack 2.0 mounts between the tailcap and body of your flashlight, making it secure regardless of impact, moisture, and heat/cold changes. SwitchBacks can be used with handguns or long guns.  This allows the user to:
• Reliably deploy and index a flashlight from both pockets and pouches, using the SwitchBack’s rigid, but releasable, retention ring.
• Shoot using a natural two-handed grip (the SwitchBack Technique).
• Employ all traditional low-light techniques such as Neck Index, Modified FBI, and Harries.
• Positively retain the light when drawing a firearm, reloading, and addressing a malfunction.

The SwitchBack 2.0 provides fast deployment and enhanced retention during many activities such as climbing, backpacking, car and home maintenance, and self-defense.

The SwitchBack 2.0 improves upon Thyrm’s original SwitchBack Large model with:
• A finger ring that releases under heavy force/torque, but can be reset.
• A stronger pocket clip that also works with MOLLE/PALS webbing.
• A pocket clip position that allows for slightly deeper carry than the SwitchBack® Large (original).
• A tubular portion that is cut lower to allow grip on both sides of the tail-cap during installation.
• A wider thumb rest with traction features.
• Small crush ribs on the SwitchBack 2.0’s lip that create a custom fit across a broader range of lights.
• An aluminum spacer that expands compatibility to Streamlight HL and HL-X flashlights and other manufacturers with similar designs.

Designed and manufactured in the USA.

Additional information

Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 4 in

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4 reviews for Thyrm Switchback 2.0 for Modlite HOG Handheld Flashlight

  1. Khan (verified owner)

    Due to the weight and size of the HOG light, it’s harder to switch back and forth between shooting grip and holding the flashlight normally. This thing is still useful though for the clip and the finger ring allows for a secure grip. I recommend using the included o-ring for a tighter fit as well.

  2. youngpalacios (verified owner)

    These things are great and super diverse and gives you many options in how you carry and use your hand held light!

  3. benvr8 (verified owner)

    Perfect for Modlite HOG. Great retention, superb function!

  4. holdovermedia (verified owner)

    This really helps me get a nice secure grip on my hog

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