Wheeler Master Roll Pin Punch Set


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Product Description

We have combined the Roll Pin Starter Set and the Ball Profile Pin Punch Set with a gunsmithing hammer into one comprehensive kit.

Additional information

Weight 16 oz
Dimensions 4 × 2 × 2 in

5 reviews for Wheeler Master Roll Pin Punch Set

  1. eighty2gen1 (verified owner)

    Great tool for its intended purpose and perfect for what I needed it for.

  2. tbs1911 (verified owner)

    A must for anyone who owns an AR!

  3. cking1602 (verified owner)

    Decent set. Needed a little rust brushed off but it gets the job done..

  4. matthew.ampagoomian (verified owner)

    Decent set for installing and setting roll pins but you will probably want/need something more substantial if you plan on driving out roll pins. These punches tend to bend before the pins move especially on the 1/8″ and under Diameter.

  5. Chin Chan (verified owner)

    Man I can’t believe I didn’t get this kit before. Stubbornly I kept insisting on using a standard cheapo punch set from your local hardware store.

    And after building several scuffed up ARs I decided I’ve had enough and wanted purpose built tools. The hammer is the right length and weight. The roll pin starter punches are handy so things don’t slip and get gouged. The purpose built roll pin punches with the nipples that center inside the roll pin make driving them in and out a breeze.

    I installed 2 new triggers in my CZ P-10s and I can’t imagine doing it without these tools. Now on the not so good side: Wheeler is manufactured in China if that makes a difference to you. And the kit came rusted to me but a little TLC with a brush and oil and it was no problem.

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