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How To Buy A Gun Online In 2023

  It’s easy to buy a gun online. Just follow these 3 steps.  Select the firearm (Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun etc) you want and complete the checkout process on our site. You will have to make sure the firearm is legal in your state. Some states have restrictions on types of firearms that are legal to […]

Red Dot Sights on Your Carry Gun Part 2 

  Scott “Jedi” Jedlinski | Modern Samurai Project After receiving a lot of great feedback regarding my first offering, I decided to write a follow up article based on the questions I received. Again, I want to reiterate that I am by no means a subject matter expert. I am sharing this as a regular […]

Red Dot Sights on Your Carry Gun.

Scott “Jedi” Jedlinski | Modern Samurai Project Red Dot Sights (RDS) are possibly the single biggest innovation on the pistol platform in recent years. But just like any “new” thing, it has its evangelists and its naysayers. Is it a valuable tool to help you protect you and your loved ones or is it just […]

Is It Safe To Carry With A Round Chambered?

Ike Stephens | Big Tex Outdoors A big discussion in the world of concealed carry, especially among beginners, is the question of whether or not it is safe to carry with a round chambered. Now as most of you know the answer is quite obvious. YES! But the majority of folks asking this question are […]