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This is the famous Cat Crap paste but in Big Tex Ordnacne packaging. We had EK Products (Cat Crap) make a run of containers with our logo. This is the exact same formula and product as the standard Cat Crap.

Voted the #1 anti-fog on the market! Our lens cleaner and anti-fog treatment is safe on all lenses and great for eyewear, goggles, binoculars and helmet visors. Simply rub it on and rub it off…you’re in for a clear day! Works great with our micro fiber lens cleaning cloth.

We recommend this for use on all optics especially with pistol mounted MRDS such as the Trijicon RMR or Aimpoint ACRO. Applied every few weeks, this should eliminate any sort of fogging of the glass due to rapid environmental temperature changes (like going outdoors from being inside).


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25 reviews for Big Tex Ordnance Cat Crap Lens Cleaner Paste | Retro Logo

  1. sullivanarms (verified owner)

    Apply to eye pro, magically fog is no longer a problem.

  2. RChet (verified owner)

    Works great. Put in on my eye pro and it prevents them from getting fogged up. Definitely worth it.

  3. chrisrleach (verified owner)

    Works great and price is right. Great stuff from BTO as always

  4. zdecaro (verified owner)

    Easy to apply.

  5. Charles Ellett (verified owner)

    The OG, no fail.

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