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Considerations Regarding Purse Carry

Stephanie DiGennaro | Responsibly Armed Women, LLC.

When it comes to concealed carrying, we ladies have quite a few options. We can carry on body (the most preferred way) with a more common IWB or OWB holster or we can use a thigh holster or a bra holster. We can also off body carry with something designed for carrying off body such as a day planner, brief case, or more commonly a purse.


Concealed carry purses are designed with a pocket/compartment specifically for your firearm. It typically has a holster which may or may not have Velcro to hold it in place. You will find there are many advocates for purse carry and many who are against it. The decision is yours to make. Whichever method you prefer, practice it so you are proficient drawing from your preferred method.


Let’s discuss purse carry and the pros and cons that come along with it.


The Pros:


Let’s face it; many women carry a purse with them everywhere they go. Some carry just the necessities such as ID, and cash, credit card while others carry much more such as make-up, hair products, etc… Because it is the norm to see a woman carrying a purse, this would make it easy for her to have her firearm with her wherever she goes without the firearm being noticed.


Ease of access. Most women can easily access items in their purse. Some can even pull a certain item out while walking and talking on their phone with ease. Having her purse right there makes it easier for her to access her firearm if needed than say if she was wearing an OWB or IWB holster with a buttoned up dress coat.


Carrying in a purse reduces the likelihood of your firearm printing and therefore, being noticed by others. Also, you do not have to dress around your firearm to ensure it is concealed. Concealed purse carry is convenient.


The Cons:


How many of us have left our purse somewhere at any time? In the car while we run a quick errand, at our desk at work, at the restaurant with a friend/spouse while going to the restroom? You see where I’m going with this, right? Your purse in not always on you – it gets left sitting here and there which means it could be very easy for anyone to just pick it up as they pass by. This is the biggest downfall I see with purse carrying.


Will you be around children? This is very important as your firearm is accessible by anyone if that purse is not on you at all times. Some children are curious. When she was younger, my daughter would put her “special items” in my purse that she would later want to retrieve. What if I had a firearm in there and she was getting her items without my knowledge? That could have ended very ugly.