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After Action Report (AAR) for Combative Weapon Solutions Low Light / Home Defense -1 Course

Ike Stephens | Big Tex Outdoors

I recently took Combative Weapons Solutions Low Light/ Home Defense 1 course. The class started about 1500 and ran till approximately 2330. 

See course information here: Combative Weapons Solutions
Lee Vernon is the CEO and Chris Gray is the lead instructor. Lee is an experienced firefighter and EMT and holds several instructor certifications. Chris is a military veteran and active LEO officer with 16+ years of experience. CWS is based out of Austin but they train all over the state. For this course they had a team of 4 instructors including Lee and Chris all ranging from prior military to active LEO and EMT. The class I took was in Waller (outside of Houston.) The following is just a re-cap and overview of the course I experienced and it should give you an idea of what to expect if you decide to take it. Enjoy.

Lee Vernon                    Chris Gray

The class started off a little slow. We head a good safety briefing and went over the course outline and what to expect for the day. I felt the briefing was an appropriate length.  Not too long, not too short and the instructors covered everything that they needed to.

After the briefing we went to the hot range for a little live fire. It was mainly going over the fundamentals. Grip, stance, sight picture etc. All done from the 3 yard line and firing at a slow pace. Focused on accuracy and nothing else. Next we went over basic trigger control. Concentrating on a slow steady press releasing to reset and then repeating. We also spent a little time reloading the gun from slide lock.

Now I mentioned earlier that the class started off slow. Which it did but I do understand  why it was necessary.The instructors wanted to know where everyone stood as far as skill set and how familiar they were with the fundamentals. That is to be expected of any class you will take, and although it was basic, I realize that it needs to be done.

After the first live fire portion (about 2 hours in at this point and 100 or so rounds) we took a short break and met for a lecture portion. This class was primarily a tactics class and not so much of a live shooting class which is nice. Less money spent on ammo and nearly everyone taking this class probably already has the fundamentals down and is relatively familiar with their weapon. This class builds on what you already know and gives you more knowledge on tactics and what to actually do in a given situation. Yes it’s fun to shoot (who doesn’t like to shoot) but tactics are a key component to being prepared and is often overlooked by most shooters.

For the lecture they went over how to clear/ search rooms and talked a great deal about how you use your light. They briefly touched on what you need and what you don’t need in a light as well as talked about the 4 major flashlight holds (FBI, Syringe, Neck Index, Harries) and considerations to take into account for all of them.