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BTO Weekly Update #24 (Paragone WLC, Surefire Stiletto, SOLGW BCG, Rock River Arms A2 Uppers)

BTO Weekly Update #24 (Paragone WLC, Surefire Stiletto, SOLGW BCG, Rock River Arms A2 Uppers)

In our latest video update, they highlight must-have gear from top brands like Paragon, SureFire, Sons of Liberty, and Rock River Arms. Read on for more in-depth details on these cutting-edge releases.

See Clearly Again with Paragon’s Lens Cleaning Solutions

If you’ve struggled to get your optics and weapon lights looking like new again, Paragon delivers the solution. (click here to buy) Their specially formulated Weapon Light Cleaner tackles the carbon buildup that accumulates on high-output weapon mounted lights. Simply apply the cleaner to the lens and watch as it lifts away residue, restoring your light to factory fresh condition. No more wasted time scratching at stuck-on carbon deposits.

For more delicate optics lenses, Paragon engineered the milder Optics Lens Cleaner. (click here to buy) Specially designed not to damage sensitive coatings or scratch glass, this cleaner safely eliminates dirt, oil, and fingerprints from scopes, red dots, and other sights. Plus, Paragon bundles each cleaner with a high quality microfiber cloth for wiping away grime.

 Big Tex Ordnance uses Paragon’s new cleaners extensively. We confirm these are not gimmicky products, but proven solutions that breathe new life into dirty optics and weapon lights. Get yours separately or take advantage of Paragon’s combo pack, which provides both cleaners plus a free top-tier microfiber cloth.

Stay Discreet with the Versatile SureFire Stiletto

When everyday carry calls for a slim, inconspicuous flashlight, look no further than SureFire’s Stiletto PLR-A. (click here to buy) This USB-rechargeable light combines a stealthy profile with impressive illumination. Measuring just 4.5 inches long and barely over one inch wide, the aluminum-bodied Stiletto hides easily in a pocket or on a belt. Despite its petite size, it generates up to 650 lumens of blinding light.

The Stiletto’s smartly designed interface provides immediate access to three useful brightness modes. Press the rear switch at any time for maximum 650 lumen output. Or tap the side button to toggle between low and medium modes. This lets you adapt instantly to changing lighting needs. Meanwhile, the Stiletto’s integrated lithium-ion battery conveniently recharges via USB.


  • High-performance LED and MaxVision Beam® reflector projects a wide flood beam ideal for situational awareness
  • Primary switch activates high, medium and low light output for a wide variety of tasks
  • Tactical switch activates high output and an optional tactical strobe when white light is used as a fighting tool
  • Programming switch unlocks activation sequences to choose between tactical and/or task illumination preferences
  • Integrated MICRO-USB rechargeable lithium polymer battery is environmentally friendly and reduces the cost of operation
  • LED Fuel Gauge for tracking battery charge/discharge status
  • Mil-Spec hard anodized aluminum head assembly is corrosion resistant and durable
  • Melonite® coated, spring steel pocket clip for bezel up, everyday carry quick access
  • Compact, lightweight polymer body passes IPX7 water testing to one meter for 30 minutes

After using the Stiletto for years Big Tex Ordnance recommends it for it’s slim everyday portability plus the versatility of its multiple lighting modes. Whether you need a discreet backup light or a compact EDC flashlight, the feature-packed Stiletto shines.

Trust Sons of Liberty for Bombproof AR Reliability

Sons of Liberty Gun Works stands behind their stellar reputation with this robust, no-frills bolt carrier group. Built to exacting specifications, their BCG features durable Carpenter 158 steel for the bolt, plus rigorous quality staking designed to stand up to punishing use. (click here to buy) Sons of Liberty understands that your rifle’s bolt carrier group handles some of the harshest forces and temperatures inside the receiver. That’s why they engineered theirs for extreme reliability out of the box.

Big Tex Ordnance highlights this Sons of Liberty Bolt Carrier Group as an ideal choice if you value flawless function under pressure. Expect buttery-smooth operation and many tens of thousands of rounds of service life. Get ready to experience AR function taken to another level.



Build Your Classic Carbine with Rock River Arms

No retro-inspired AR build would be complete without an old school carry handle upper receiver. Rock River Arms lets you recapture that classic carbine look with their new A2 uppers. (click here to buy) Forged from 7075 T6 aluminum and hard coat anodized, these uppers come pre-assembled with rear sight, port door, and forward assist already installed. All you need to finish your throwback project is a bolt carrier group and charging handle.

After inspecting Rock River Arms’ handy new uppers firsthand, the team at Big Tex Ordnance recommends them for keeping your build historically accurate. They allow creating a faithful replica of the iconic M16/AR-15 variants that served U.S. forces for decades. If you want to own a rifle with the same timeless visual flair, grab one of these complete A2 uppers from Rock River Arms.


The team at Big Tex Ordnance constantly curates, tests, and uses our products to provide you with the very best gear. For this week’s new releases, we chose high-performance solutions from Paragon, SureFire, Sons of Liberty, and Rock River Arms. Shop now to upgrade your equipment with these outstanding new offerings. And let Big Tex Ordnance know in the comments if you have any questions about these field-ready products!

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