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Converting Your Dual Output Surefire Handheld to Single Output: A Step By Step Guide

Lately we’ve been seeing more and more folks (myself included) putting handheld lights on rifles. According to Surefire it’s “not recommended” but I personally know several dozen folks that have used a variety of Surefire lights on their rifles for a number of years with zero issues. It’s a Surefire. It’s going to work but I suspect Surefire “doesn’t recommend” it simply as a CYA measure, which I definitely don’t blame them for.

The main issues folks are having is they want (with good reason) a single output light that also has the ability to have a “constant on” feature with a click of a button, rather than having to twist the tail cap. Currently, there is only two ways to get a light with this feature.
One is to buy an EAG model that is only available from Bravo Company Manufacturing. The other is to go out and buy another tailcap like the XM or Z59 which only adds to the cost of the light.


This article will go over how to change your dual output Surefire light with the “clicky” tailcap (found on the “pro” models) into a single output light. I’m not sure what sort of an impact this will have on the warranty from Surefire so do this at your own risk. However, I will say this, Surefire is well known for having the absolute best CS in ANY industry. It’s very rare that you have to use it, but if you do, they stand behind their product. I’d be willing to bet they warranty the light even if you do the modification. But please note this is only my personal (somewhat educated) opinion so you’re doing this mod at your own risk. 

The procedure in this article is verified to work on the following models:

G2X Pro 
6PX Pro
P2X Fury

It will NOT work on the P3X fury models.

What you will need to do is unscrew the tailcap and remove the batteries.

Then looking down the tube ( a desk or head lamp makes things much easier to see) on the head you should see a connection that looks similar to this. It looks somewhat like a dog bone.

What you’ll have to do is sever this connection. A tiny flat head screwdriver or similar device works well. Don’t use too much force, but you need to break the connection so it looks like this.

Once you have the connection severed, you can replace the batteries and install the tailcap. You will now have a single output (high) light with the clicky style tailcap.

Hopefully this article was helpful. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me and I can do my best to help.

If you’re looking into buying a Surefire light, check out our selection HERE. The code: SUREFIRE ARTICLE will take 15% off our entire inventory of Surefire lights.




  1. Thanks for the info! I just did this on two of my G2X Pros and my G2X Maxvision. All work only on the brightest setting now. Two were easy to do but one of them took several tries before I finally broke the connection.

  2. Any options for changing the P3X Fury to a single high lumen output?

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