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It’s Not Bots, You’re Just Slow

It’s Not Bots, You’re Just Slow The past year has brought about some pretty crazy conditions for the firearms industry. Demand is higher than it’s ever been and for a time in 2020, a lot of manufacturing facilities were running at reduced capacity. The effects of which, we’re still feeling today. However, That’s an entirely […]


October 29th & 30th, 2020 Written by “Freedom” The class is two days, limited to six students, with an approximate round count of 1500. The class consists of a stage built in one bay, and different drills performed in another. The sample stage is open, and can be ran or used to work on specific […]

2 Day Practical Performance, Tim Herron Shooting AAR

October 17th & 18th, 2020 | Geoff  Tim Herron Shooting | 2 Day Practical Performance Waxahachie, Texas- Hosted by Extreme Tactics and Training Solutions (ETTS) Gear Gun: FN 509 full size, 9mm Trigger: Apex Action Enhancement Kit Flat-Faced Trigger Red dot: Trijicon RMR RM06 3.25 MOA Adjustable Holster: HolsterCO OC OWB holster Mag Pouch: Bravo Concealment […]

Sentinel Concepts – Carbine Employment AAR

July 25th-26th 2020 | Jeffrey M. Carbine Employment taught by Steve Fisher of Sentinel Concepts Alliance Police Training Facility – Alliance Ohio Overview; The flagship course where students who are familiar with their rifles. ,This class is geared toward those looking outside the basic classes. novice to the experienced shooters, looking to tune up their […]

Modlite Beam Comparison

Modlite Beam Comparison There are a lot of options out there for high output LED lights. It’s one thing to look at and compare specs but having a visual is something you just can’t replace. We decided to do a little testing and post some pictures of some of the most popular lights on the […]

Rifle Mounted Lights Comparison

Special Contributor: Jay Landoe I see many people asking about weapon lights, trying to wade through the many options and price points and performance metrics, often being bombarded by single sample size testimonials of overhyped underperforming options, and I felt it necessary to distill down the data to a few easily understood, readily verifiable bullet […]


NOVEMBER 4, 2019 DAVID ZAKAR I talk a lot about pistol skills on this blog. There’s a reason for that; when it comes to actually shooting stuff, pistols are the hardest of your options to use at anything beyond about 15yds. Pistol skills also tend to go away the fastest. But… that is not the same […]

Correcting Fitting Issues on the X300U-A

One of the most common complaints we hear with the X300U-A  is fitting issues or excessive “wiggle room” when on the gun. Luckily there’s an easy fix for this! If you’re curious about the differences between the X300U-A and the X300U-B models, we have a side by side comparison article that you can read HERE. […]

Sage Dynamics Citizen Response to Active Shooter (CRAS)

June 28-30, 2019 Paul MillerAAR for Sage Dynamics Citizen Response to Active Shooter Place and date:Midwest Threat Assessment Center / MTACMuncie, Indiana Weather:Low to mid 90’s outside but this class was held indoors. Classroom was air conditioned but a large part of the class was spent in a shoot house built within a warehouse type […]

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