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BTO Weekly Update #14 (Noveske Chainsaw, Radian Blems, Aimpoint Acro P2)

New Arrivals at Big Tex Ordnance: Hard to Find Optics, Radian Blem Charging Handles, Safariland Holsters, and Noveske Lowers

Aimpoint Acro P2 Red Dots Back in Stock

Big Tex Ordnance has some great new arrivals in stock this week including several hard-to-find items.

First up is the Aimpoint Acro P2 red dot sight. These have been very difficult to get lately but Big Tex has received several new shipments and currently has some available on the website. The Acro P2 is a rugged enclosed red dot that’s ideal for pistol mounting. Even though they are still moving quickly, the Acro P2s are lasting a day or two on the site now, so you don’t have to camp out to snag one anymore.

Blem Radian Raptor Charging Handles

If you’re looking for an ambidextrous charging handle, Big Tex just got a bunch of blem Radian Raptor handles. These have tiny cosmetic defects that don’t affect function at all. The blem Raptors are a fantastic deal compared to the normal price. And let’s be honest, charging handles get beat up with use anyway. The blems are denoted by a laser-engraved buoy knife on the spine.

Safariland 6390RDS Cordura Holsters

For holsters, Big Tex just stocked some cool Safariland 6390RDS models. These are optimized for Glocks with weapon lights and optics. The wrap-around Cordura nylon comes in several colors like green, tan and black. The optics hood protects your red dot and keeps debris out while the ALS/SLS retention locks the pistol in securely.

Noveske Chainsaw Lowers Now In Stock

Lastly, for you AR builders, Noveske chainsaw lowers are now available. This mil-spec style lower comes with Magpul furniture, trademark Noveske flared mag well, and markings. It’s a no-frills workhorse perfect for your next rifle project.


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