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BTO Weekly Update #20 (HUXWRX Flows, Kratos Hand stop, Badger Ordnance Bolt Catch)

We’ve got some exciting new products in stock this week at Big Tex. Let’s take a look at what’s new:

Carbon Fiber Alignment Rods from HUXWRK Safety Co.

HUXWRK has released lightweight carbon fiber alignment rods that allow you to verify baffle clearance when mounting a suppressor. At half the weight of steel rods, they offer an affordable alternative while saving weight. ( Buy It Now)

Using a bore alignment rod is critical when installing a suppressor to prevent baffle strikes. A baffle strike occurs when the bullet makes contact with the internal parts of the suppressor rather than traveling smoothly through it, which can damage both the suppressor and the firearm.

HUXWRX’s carbon fiber alignment rods slide into the muzzle and barrel extension to verify concentricity between the suppressor and the barrel’s bore. The lightweight carbon fiber material allows the rod to slide smoothly while still maintaining rigidity to detect any misalignments. Checking alignment before firing ensures that bullets will travel straight through the suppressor without incident. With models available for common calibers, HUXWRX alignment rods provide affordable peace of mind that your suppressor is properly aligned with your firearm’s bore. Taking this important installation step helps extend the life of your suppressor and prevents dangerous malfunctions.

Low Profile Hand Stop from Kratos Design Group

The Low Profile Hand Stop from Kratos Design Group offers a slimline yet functional design perfect for minimalist builds. This lightweight M-LOK hand stop features a tapered shape that provides enhanced grip without adding bulk to your rifle. (Buy It Now From Big Tex)

Key Features:

  • Weighs only 0.5 oz to minimize weight impact
  • Single M-LOK slot footprint saves rail space
  • Textured front functions as a sturdy hand stop
  • Textured back serves as a barricade stop
  • Made from glass-reinforced polymer for durability
  • Easy installation with single mounting bolt
  • Available in Black

With its snag-free shape and innovative design this hand stop delivers function in a tiny package.

Badger Ordnance 4140 Enhanced Bolt Catch

The Badger Ordnance Enhanced Bolt Catch delivers improved performance and durability over a standard AR bolt catch. Machined from a solid block of 4140 steel alloy and then hardened to 45-50 Rc, it provides enhanced strength to securely lock your bolt back. The oversized, angled paddle design allows for faster and more positive manipulation compared to a mil-spec catch. With its durable Parkerized finish and material optimized for longevity, the Enhanced Bolt Catch from Badger Ordnance is built to withstand heavy use while ensuring reliable operation. Its upgraded construction makes charging your rifle easier in high-stress environments. (Shop Now)

Huxworks Flow 556K Suppressor

The HUXWRX Flow 556K brings innovation to suppressor design with a flow-through structure that reduces back pressure for improved performance. Unlike traditional baffle-based suppressors, the Flow 556K’s patented internal geometry enables gases to smoothly pass through the suppressor. This eliminates turbulent flow, minimizing erosion while also reducing sound signature.

The shortened model includes a flash hider for quicker attachment to your muzzle device. Along with faster follow-up shots thanks to mitigated back pressure, HUXWRX’s flow-through suppressors also self-clean during firing. The Flow 556K represents the next evolution in suppressor technology, achieving exceptional noise reduction without compromises.

That covers the latest product announcements from Big Tex’s Weekly Update. Let us know if you have any other questions about these new arrivals!

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