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BTO Weekly Update #3 August 4th, 2023 (Noveske Barrels, Sig MCX Spear, Vortex Tripods)

We are back with the Big Tex Ordnance weekly update. Just keeping you up to date on what we have coming in, and what you can find at Big Tex.

First have a Noveske stainless steel, 6MM ARC barrels. The one we have right now is an 18-inch SPR that comes, with a gas block that is drilled for pinning it to the barrel. It comes with that roll pin as well as the one for your gas tube that is included. Also comes with a head-spaced 6MM arc bolt which is headspaced to this barrel. Noveske makes awesome barrels, super accurate, and I like the fact that they pin the gas blocks to the barrel. That’s by and far, the most secure way to attach a gas block to a barrel. So cool to see that.

We also have the Sig Sauer Spear LT Pistol. This is an 11.5 ready for your form one to SBR or you can run it at it as is; There are some super awesome features on the Spear LT, and this is the pistol version of it in
5.56mm and 11.5 inch barrel.

Next, we have the Kestrel Elite Weather Meter with Applied Ballistics with LiNK, if you do any sort of long-range or medium-range shooting, I’m sure you’re very familiar with Kestrels, but they speak for themselves. We have ’em in back in stock in Black and OD Green with FDE on the way and you can find those on

We also have the Trijicon Credo, LPVO. We have both the 1-8X and 1-6x as well. A few of the cool features about these are the lockable exposed turrets. You slide it out, you can make your windage and elevation adjustments. They feature the red and green reticle in the same optic, previously you would have to get either a red model or a green model. This one has both color options, in the same optic. Another great feature is the have off settings in between each brightness setting. For instance, you can turn it to green six, and then one click over and it’s off. And then you can immediately go back to green six or red six or whatever you had it on instead of having to, crank it all the way and dial it to get it to the brightness that you want, you can have it off and then go right back to where you were. Click here for the Creedo!


And then lastly we have the Switchback Carbon tripod from Vortex. This is a brand-new product from Vortex and it has been out for a couple of weeks. We had the first batch in, sold out the first day, and our second batch in. It’s a very affordable tripod with many features that you typically don’t find in something of this price point. It comes with a lockable ball swivel, so you can make quick adjustments. You also have another level lever so you can free-spin it. It is also ready for ARCA rail. The legs are fully adjustable quick locking extendable legs for uneven terrain and of course, it has a hook here for hanging a counterweight, making it a little bit more stable. It also has a nice nylon carrying case that zips up and protects it. A really solid performer for the price point. There are better tripods out there, but this is about a third of the cost. We are impressed with what Vortex did with these.


Be sure to check us out next week. We’ll have you the latest updates on what’s coming in and what we have going on. Thanks for your support!


You can watch the full Youtube video here!

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