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BTO Weekly Update #4 August 10th, 2023 (KAC SR-25 Bolts, Kagwerks, Fix-it Sticks, Sig FCU Call of Savings)


Big Tex Ordnance is happy to announce we just started carrying Fix-it Sticks,  neat little tools that you can throw in your range bag. ( Click here) They zip up nicely and are compact. It comes with a driver in Allen Key, Torx, flathead, and a Phillips head bit as well. We have stocked a few variations to include handgun brands and optic-specific kits such as Glock.

Fix It Sticks Handgun and Optics Toolkit
Fix It Sticks Handgun and Optics Toolkit

You’ve also got your Aimpoint adjustment tool and other optic tool adjustment tools on there as well. It also has a. You have a torque wrench here that goes from zero to 25-inch pounds so you can properly torque down your optic screws. In the AR kit there is a castle mount wrench, and AR-15 front side post adjustment tool, then it also has all your different items like the Allen keys and Torx. It includes torque wrenches as well that go from 15 to 65-inch pounds. So again, you can properly torque down the parts that you need to. You can throw the Fix-it Six in a range bag with a bunch of different options,

Next up we have a suppressor from Q, The Erector. This is a 22 caliber can perfect for all your little rim fires, even the 17 H M R. But what’s so cool about this is it’s extremely lightweight. It weighs almost nothing and it’s completely modular. The sections are baffles, so you can add more if you want. You can take them out to make it super short as well as you can make it longer if you want it quieter. Super modular design that is customized very easily. It’s also easy to disassemble for servicing and cleaning, .22s tend to get very dirty very quickly, so having that feature’s nice. The Q Erector comes with a couple of tools to make that job easier.

Moving on to Knight’s Armament, we’re starting to see a lot more stuff from them and have probably gotten more in the past 60 days than we have in the past two years. Last week we received some suppressors and SR-25 lowers. Now we have SR-25 bolts with dual ejectors, and this is for the E2 barrel extension.

KAC SR-25 Complete Bolt, Assembled (P/N:30560) | Knights Armament Company

Moving on, we have the Kägwerks, Gen 5 release for Glocks. If you’re not familiar with them, they’re cool and available for Gen 3 and Gen 4. Basically, it brings the slide lock/release lever up so you’re less likely to accidentally activate it with your thumbs or hand. With the stock ones you may sometimes activate that slide release and it’ll keep my slide locked back even though there are still rounds in the magazine or the slide will go forward and not lock back on the last round. We’ve had these for a while, they’ve been out of stock for a while. These are insanely popular, robust, and have a cool design, so we’re excited to have them back in stock.


Lastly, we have some fire control units for the SIG P 365 and 320. This is what the ATF considers the actual firearm as this is the serialized part, and this ships to your FFL, You are able to put this in any Sig grip module that you want and you can build a gun from the ground if you want and make it completely custom. There are a lot of things that you can do with these if you are doing a custom SIG build these are perfect for you. Strait from the SIG Factory.


We also have a promotion going on right now. We’re calling it the BTO Call of Savings, so it’s a big, massive event, with discounts on a bunch of different items that we have too much of, and stuff that we’ve had for a while. And there are some insane savings. So, check out this link. To our Facebook group and check it updates as we add items to the sale. It’s all add-to-cart pricing, add it to your cart and you’ll see the savings applied automatically in the checkout.

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