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BTO Weekly Update #5 (Unity Axon, Noveske Receivers, Steiner MPS FDE, Kratos , SF Muzzle Devices)

Hey folks! We are back here with the BTO weekly update.

First we have the Unity Axon 4.5 inch, up until now these have been offered in the seven inch cable length. This one is four and a half inches, and this particular one is the dual lead configuration which will activate your Surefire light or Modlite. It’ll work with Surefire tail caps and also any laser that accepts a Crane plug. With one tap activates both at the same time enablers at the same time. The Axon is a clicky button, meaning with a slight press you get momentary on and with a click you get constant on.  We have these available in black and FDE. Unity also produces them with just the Surefire lead or with just the Crane lead with multiple SYNC or non SYNC options. Both the 7 inch and the new 4.5 inch lead options are available.

Unity Tactical AXON SL

Next up is the new FDE model of the Steiner MPS optic, the FDE version of optic has just been released. This is their closed emitter optic, very similar to the Aimpoint Acro to the point it shares almost the same footprint as the Acro. The Steiner MPS optic is a 3.3 MOA dot, with a top loading battery, and robust enclosed design. We have a couple dozen currently in stock. 

 Steiner MPS 3.3 MOA Micro Pistol Sight FDE

We also have a new product, this is the Kratos Design Group gas block. (Check out the full video here) but it’s a 4140 steel gas block with a couple nice features, but the main one that stands out is this witness hole on top. This will allow you to visually verify that your block is centered over the gas port on your barrel, a very solid gas block. This is available on the Big Tex site now too. 

We also have some Surefire muscle devices that haven’t been available for a while. This is the four prong flash hider from the SOCOM contract, so they have a three-prong flash hider, and that’s really easy to find, but this is the four prong, and these are available here. The four prong version has the NSN number stamped on there for all of you cloner folks. There is also the new A2 style from Surefire, it’s basically just anA-2 bird cage, but it allows you to attach a surefire suppressor to it. So if you want a really short muzzle device and you like the A-2 style this might be right for you. This mount works with all Surefire RC and RC two cans. 

Then lastly, another FDE product, we have Noveske upper and lower sets, so this is a complete set. This is Sierra coated. It comes with your takedown and pivot pin and also has a forward assist and ejection port cover. These are their Gen 3 billet lowers perfect for a NSW Clone. So these are pretty stout serial coated, and the Noveske stuff usually doesn’t last too long, but we have a handful of those in. 


Thanks for dropping by and let us know how you like this new weekly content from BTO.  

You can watch the full video here on YouTube.

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