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BTO Weekly Update #50 (OHC Ruggedized LightCap, Modlite PL350C, B5 Vert Grips, Rosco Sage Barrel)

One Hundred Concepts Ruggedized LightCap

The One Hundred Concepts Ruggedized LightCap is an innovative solution for tactical light users, addressing several common issues in one sleek package. This next-generation design improves upon the original LightCap, incorporating user feedback to create a more versatile and efficient product. Made from durable TPU rubberized plastic, the One Hundred Concepts Ruggedized LightCap offers silent operation and enhanced texture for improved handling. Its patent-pending design features a flat front face and recessed finger location, making it easier to use in high-stress situations. 

The LightCap serves multiple purposes: it prevents negligent white light discharges, eliminates downrange reflection, and protects the lens from carbon buildup. By including the ShockCollar™ with every Ruggedized LightCap, installation is streamlined for users. This product not only enhances the camouflage of your rifle by reducing the reflective signature of the weapon light but also acts as a crucial safety feature, particularly for those operating with night vision equipment. The Ruggedized LightCap represents a significant advancement in tactical light accessories, offering improved functionality and durability for a wide range of weapon lights on the market.

NEW!! B5 Systems Vertical Grip MLOK

The B5 Systems Vertical M-LOK® Grip is a compact and versatile accessory designed to enhance weapon control and handling. Crafted from durable composite material, this grip features an aggressive texture on all four sides, providing a secure hold in various conditions. Its ergonomic design allows for optimal weapon manipulation, while the ability to mount in two directions offers flexibility for user preference. Compatible with standard M-LOK® rail systems, this grip is easy to install and comes with all necessary hardware. At just 1.1 oz and measuring 2.80″ in height, it adds minimal weight while maximizing control. The B5 Systems Vertical Grip is available in a wide range of colors to match any setup, including tactical favorites like Black, FDE, and various camouflage patterns. This grip represents a simple yet effective upgrade for any M-LOK® compatible firearm, enhancing both functionality and aesthetics.

Modlite PL350 Compact Pistol Light

The Modlite PL350 Compact is a high-performance pistol light that brings the power of Modlite’s lights to a more compact form factor. This sleek design maintains the impressive output of the standard PL350 while reducing overall size, making it ideal for concealed carry and duty use. Utilizing an 18350 battery, the PL350C offers 876 lumens and 18,000 candela with a crisp 6,500 Kelvin color temperature, providing excellent illumination for 35-40 minutes of continuous use. A standout feature is its “Out the front” battery changeability, allowing for quick swaps without tools or removing the light from the weapon. The new one-piece injection-molded switch bar significantly improves durability and tactile feel. Compatible with all slim Modlite heads, the Modlite PL350C offers versatility and future-proofing. At just 4.6 oz with the battery and measuring 3.54 inches in length, this light packs serious performance into a compact package, making it a top choice for those seeking a high-end weapon light solution.

Rosco Manufacturing K9 12.5″ Sage Dynamics 5.56 NATO

The Rosco Manufacturing 12.5″ Sage Dynamics Barrel, paired with the Kratos Gas Block, represents a cutting-edge solution for AR-15 enthusiasts seeking optimal performance. This barrel features a proprietary patrol-length gas system, striking a perfect balance between the reliability of a carbine-length and the smoothness of a mid-length system. The optimized gas port ensures reliable operation whether suppressed or unsuppressed, offering versatility for various shooting scenarios. The K9 continuous taper profile efficiently dissipates heat during intense use, while its weight distribution towards the rear of the barrel improves overall weapon balance when using modern attachments. The updated target crown, borrowed from Rosco’s Purebred series, enhances accuracy and harmonics. When combined with the Kratos Gas Block, this combo provides a fine-tuned gas system that maximizes the barrel’s potential, resulting in a smoother shooting experience and improved reliability across a wide range of ammunition types and operating conditions.



Join us for the Independence Day edition of Big Tex Ordnance’s Weekly Update! In this patriotic special, we showcase some modern twists on classic gear. Check out the innovative Ruggedized Light Cap from OHC Concepts, designed to prevent accidental discharges from your weapon-mounted lights. We also feature B5 vertical grips for M-LOK systems in various colors, perfect for customizing your setup. For those looking to upgrade their sidearms, don’t miss the compact Modlite PL350C light. Lastly, we highlight the Roscoe/Sage Dynamics patrol-length barrel, complete with its own gas tube. As a bonus, we’re offering a special deal when you pair it with a Kratos gas block. Don’t forget to use code “Independence” for 15% off most items on our website this weekend. Tune in for all the details and remember to celebrate responsibly this 4th of July!


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