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BTO Weekly Update #7

BTO Weekly Update #7 (Labor Day Specials, SOLGW Simple Jack, Holosun SCRS, Kestrel Shot Timer)

In today’s post, we have some exciting news to share about our Labor Day sale to the latest additions to our inventory. Also, for those in the Conroe, Texas area, we’ve got a local HK Vendor Day event that’s worth checking out. So, let’s dive into what’s happening this week.


  1. Labor Day Sale: Big Savings Await!


Let’s kick things off with our Labor Day sale, which is now in full swing and will run through the end of Labor Day. We want to make sure you can find the best deals with ease, so we’ve added a homepage banner.

25% Off and 50% Off Categories: Yes, you read that correctly! We’re offering generous discounts on select categories, giving you the opportunity to upgrade your gear without burning a hole in your pocket.

15% Site-Wide Discount: Almost our entire site qualifies for a 15% discount. This fantastic offer is available now through 9-8-2023. Just Click here to shop the sale.


  1. Kestrel Shot Timers: Precision at Its Best


For those who’ve been patiently waiting, the Kestrel shot timers are back in stock at BTO Gear (click here). These have garnered quite a reputation in the shooting community for their precision and reliability. While they might be a bit on the pricey side, they’re considered among the best shot timers available. The best part? You can choose any color you want, as long as it’s yellow! Check them out on


  1. Sons of Liberty Simple Jack: A No-Frills Rifle


Are you in the market for a straightforward, solid SOLGW rifle without all the fancy extras? Consider the Sons of Liberty Simple Jack. This rifle is designed for those who appreciate simplicity without compromising quality. It boasts a 13.7-inch pinned and welded NOx barrel, an ambidextrous charging handle, LaRue trigger, Chrome BCG, HRF Concepts magwell, and B5 furniture. It’s a dependable entry-level rifle that won’t break the bank.

Simple Jack Rifle

  1. Holosun SCRS: A Versatile Optic


While it doesn’t come bundled with the Simple Jack, we wanted to highlight the Holosun SCRS. This optic is versatile, with a 509T footprint, making it suitable for handguns if that’s your preference. However, it’s primarily designed for use on rifles, featuring an integrated spacer. This solar-charged optic is available in red and green, offering a dot and a 65 MOA circle option. Its adaptability is sure to impress (Click here).

  1. Badger C-One Mounts: Exclusive at Big Tex Ordnance


For those in need of top-notch mounts for your LPVO or magnified optic, the Badger C-One mounts are a fantastic choice. We offer them in 30mm at 1.93 height and 34mm at 1.70 height. What makes our stock special? We exclusively carry clear anodized versions! Of course, if you prefer a classic look, we also offer them in black and tan. These mounts are highly regarded in the shooting community for good reason. Click here for 34MM and here for 30MM

      6.ARCA Rails for Magpul: Tripod Compatibility


Lastly, we have something for those looking to enhance their shooting setup with a tripod. Our M-Lok to ARCA adapter is just what you need. It attaches seamlessly to your M-Lok slots, allowing you to mount your firearm to a tripod. Whether you’re using it for stability during long-range shots or simply to free up your hands, this accessory is a game-changer. ( 4 Slot  or 2 Slot)


  1. HK Vendor Day: A Local Event for Firearm Enthusiasts


Calling all local firearm enthusiasts! Tomorrow, on Saturday, we’re hosting an HK Vendor Day right here in Conroe, Texas. It’s going to be an exciting event with HK representatives, live demos, and plenty of free swag. Plus, we’re giving away a VP9! If you’re in the area, be sure to swing by BTO Range for a day filled with all things HK.




That’s a wrap for our weekly firearms update! We hope you’re as excited as we are about the Labor Day sale, the latest gear additions, and the upcoming HK Vendor Day event. These opportunities are designed to enhance your firearm experience and knowledge. As always, we appreciate your support, and we look forward to sharing more interesting updates with you in the future. Stay safe and enjoy your time at the range!

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