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Centerfuige Training – Scotopic Problem Solver AAR

June 8th – 9th, 2019 | Cody Treadway

Scotopic Problem Solver, by Centerfuige Training

Location: Blue Ridge Marksmanship just outside Asheville, North Carolina

Instructor: Chase Jenkins

Course Description: Scotopic Problem Solver is an accelerated course focused on scotopic environment manipulation.  Students will push the boundaries of “traditional” low light and no light engagements in true 3D environments.  An in-depth look into weapon and equipment manipulations, human anatomy, principles of light employment, and movement will occur both on the range and in the classroom.  Low light myths and status quos will be challenged as the class explore the reality of critical engagements through force on force.  Drills will incorporate threat identification, adverse shooting platforms, and simunitions.

Weather: Hot and humid both days and nights due to rain. Chase has a habit of bringing rain with him

Gear used: Glock 19 gen 3 w/ RMR and Surefire X300A (1000 lumen version), Surefire EDCL-2T handheld, Glock OEM magazines, Phlster Floodlight holster, HSGI tacos.

Daniel Defense M4V7 carbine. Vortex red dot

A borrowed surefire m951

Magpul MS3 sling

Day 1: Started on time at 2:00 P.M. with the safety brief. Chase is big on creating safe shooters because there are no safe environments. From there we went up to the range and briefly touched on Marksmanship fundamentals before moving on to target discrimination drills and malfunctions. After that, we began working around barricades and different positions before moving on to carry positions while it was still daylight.  We broke for lunch/ dinner where Chase went over the low light brief. Back on the Range, we started by working the handheld techniques with a handgun. The night concluded with handheld light techniques with the carbine.

Day 2: Started with the barricade drill where we set 3 barricades upshot the positions at the first one then had to move to the second one etc. Then we did the same thing only with 2 people going at the same time. Chase made sure to reinforce that speed was not a concern during this and told everyone to “move at the speed of control”. From here things just got progressively more complicated. The night concluded with a drill that tested all the skills we went over in the class.

Conclusion: I will definitely be seeking out more training from Center