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Centrifuge Training | Chase Jenkins VCQB AAR

June 6-7, 2020 | “Tobes”

Centrifuge Training | Chase Jenkins VCQB AAR

  • Pre-Class Spin Up 

I trained to these activities to help prepare for the course

  • Practice shooting out to 25 yds
  • Pistol targets/drills from TREX ARMS/Sentinel Concepts
  • Shooting from behind barriers
  • High Intensity Interval Training/Steady State cardio
  • Equipment
    • Glock 19 Gen 4 
    • Ameriglo sights
    • Stock trigger
    • Bravo Concealment OWB Holster on day 1
    • Tier 1 Concealment AIWB holster on day 2
    • Arcteryx knee pads
    • Magpul Glock Mags
    • Kydex double mag carrier
    • Notepad
    • Crye Precision G3 Combat top
    • Crye elbow pad inserts
    • Peltor electronic ear pro

*Goal was to understand basics of VCQB with OWB holster on Day 1 and then execute with my conceal carry equip on Day 2

Training Days

Day 1

  • Intro to video evaluation to draw lessons learned when fighting around a vehicle
  • Taught where to fight and not fight on a vehicle
  • Ballistics Demo with different caliber, ammunition type, locations of vehicle
  • Malfunction drills
  • Taught transitioning from standing, squatting, kneeling, roll-over prone with safe muzzle awareness
  • Administrative re-load/unload procedures
  • Post engage assessment
  • Critical thinking pistol drills

Day 2

  • More video evaluation(muzzle awareness, environment awareness)
  • Execute transitioning from standing, squatting, kneeling, roll-over prone with safe muzzle awareness engaging targets from 5-20 yds
  • Lateral transition drill moving vic to vic engaging targets in all positions
  • We completed every POI to include two man alphabet drill
  • Training Lessons Learned
    • Go as fast as speed of control
    • Stock pistols might be better than Gucci Glocks. I saw multiple FTF, FTF with heavily modified pistols
    • Safe shooters vs safe environment
    • Conform to cover appropriately
    • Show up to class with a good understanding of temple index
    • Ballistics demo
    • Using physical Index Points:
    • Decking the pistol in vic
    • Temple index
    • Safely egressing driver/passenger side w/o muzzling yourself and not fighting the seatbelt

This class will challenge your muzzle awareness and properly employing a pistol within very close confines of other people who are also shooting. Your best flat range muzzle awareness will be challenged

  • Equipment Lessons Learned
    • If you can afford a combat top buy one w/the internal elbow pads
    • Wear your gloves/PPE
    • Bring as many mags as you can and mark them as everyone has Glock mags

Personal Thoughts

If you spend the majority of your time around a vehicle and want to better understand how to fight around a vehicle if forced then this is the class for you. If you are any form of LEO/Military I can’t recommend this course enough.

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