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JBS Carbine Spin Up AAR

May 30, 2020 | @gumtreepewpew
Spin Up Carbine – JBS Training Group AAR

Last weekend I took a carbine class with Mark Smith of JBS Training Group. This wasn’t my first carbine course, however, and yet I found it still highly beneficial. He has a great way of packing tons of content into an articulate and condensed delivery, all done with that charming southern style. The class rapport was relaxed and enjoyable, but serious and highly focused. He gave some great pointers for biomechanics, body positioning and working from various shooting positions – some that I had not tried/seen in some other classes and surprisingly worked very well for me. (Because data on paper doesn’t lie).

Mark’s teaching style consistently incorporates the why’s and how’s behind various methods and approaches and he supports his choices for technique and application. However, he is big on using data, shot-timer, score-able B-8 targets etc so that you to prove to yourself and are able to take that data as a baseline for growth after the class.
I resonate with his style of offering options to students and giving data for you to draw your own conclusions. Diagnosing our issues/accuracy based on what we see in the dot was woven throughout the class. (Calling shots, letting your eyes and the dot dictate what you must do – transition, move, follow-up shot etc)
Mark gave the best and cleanest articulation of zero, and the how’s/why’s we use, that I’ve heard in a class. This data was recalled and used later when shooting in strong/weak side prone positions (urban prone, SBU etc). Students were shown on paper the change at distance those positions make to bullet trajectory and then how you use your reticle to make accurate hits in those positions.

The class is a “spin up” into his way of thinking about running your weapon(s) and his pattern of practice and improvement. We worked reload mechanics, pistol transitions, mind/eye-games with various targets to work faster seeing and processing speed or to open one’s focus and attention while allowing the subconscious to do as much of the driving as possible. Shooting and movement was another significant portion of the class and an aspect that I always feel weakest at. Keeping it simple, letting the body do what it needs to and not getting wrapped around the axle of forced mantra (the methods that may get an entire academy class to do the same process, but not be the most bio-mechanically efficient for each person). He helped me rethink some of the personal hang-ups.

His SpinUp Carbine class had lots of great insights covering movement, thinking, and especially efficiency and eye/hand speed. I’d strongly recommend hitting him up for a class if you’re in the region.
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