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Lone Star Medics – Medicine X AAR

June 13th & 14th, 2020 | Will P

Medicine X (2 day class) – Lone Star Medics

Students in Lone Star Medics’ “Medicine X” class learn lifesaving medical skills integrated with practical shooting competencies.

Most gun owners, particularly concealed carriers and those who employ firearms as part of their profession, have had to consider the possibility of defensive firearms use. We’ve thought about what might theoretically happen in various scenarios – a home invasion, a parking lot mugging, maybe a carjacking – and how we would react. There is an entire cottage industry on the subject, with a plethora of related books, websites, videos, and training classes. But for all the time, money, and energy we spend preparing to defend ourselves from violence, what about the post-event fallout?

On the off chance you did get attacked, what then? There would likely be at least one casualty in that case, possibly more. Hopefully, your self-defense preparation (plus a little bit of luck) would allow you to prevail, but even if you did, there’s a chance you yourself could be among the injured. Are you prepared to deal with that aspect of self-preservation? Winning a gunfight wouldn’t do you much good if you succumbed to a wound in the aftermath – and consider that you could also have a loved one or innocent bystander caught in the crossfire. We hope these terrible things never happen, but the unfortunate reality is that they can and do. What can we do to mitigate these risks? Enter medical training company Lone Star Medics, with their “Medicine X” training course.