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Modern Samurai Project 2 day MRDS Class AAR

June 27-28, 2020 | Jeffrey Morlock
Modern Samurai Project 2 day MRDS Class – Royal range- Nashville TN

I attended the Modern Samurai Project 2 day MRDS Class at the Royal Range in Nashville on June 27/28 2020. The class was about 50/50 LE and Civilian with one MIL guy as well. Be prepared to shoot all day for 2 days….you get your moneys worth and then some (around 700-ish round so in my class).

I have been a Cop for about 22 years; I was recently assigned last year to our Training Division after 15 years in Investigations. I have had a Holosun 407C RDS on my Glock 22 (the lone .40 in the class) for about 4 months or so prior to the class, and I had watched several of Jedi’s videos on YouTube in preparation for the class.


Without question this was the best firearms training I have had in the last 22 years. Not only is the POI top notch, but Jedi has a way of breaking it down with his explanation and demo and then building it back up in the practical application. The individual attention you get from Jedi really sets his class apart from the others. This is not supervised practice…it is a Learning Experience! He can diagnose the issues you are having and find a way to work with you to fix them.

While this is a RDS class…the information presented is applicable to all pistol shooting…in fact I will be making changes to our basic 40 hour class based on what I learned this weekend.

He covers the following plus much more…
10 yard zero..why its best
Finding the Dot (it’s amazing…trust me)
Body Mechanics and its relation to Efficiency
Stance and Grip (this may change your life)
Shooting on the move, and moving latterly
Draw ( 3 o’clock and AIWB)
How to self diagnosis your own issues
Various Practice Drills

Jedi has a great way that he uses humor to reinforce the most important parts…making sure you remember them, as well as breaking the tension. I had a bad string right before we did the Strong Hand Only drills…then I had a pretty good run with my strong hand…Jedi said ”After seeing this…you should never put your support hand on your gun again!”

You will finish the class with a USPSA style match to put everything he taught you to use…then everyone gets a run at the Black Belt Patch. Both of these are based on the skills he taught over the last two days. I was able to make shots and run drills in times I had not thought I could…not only has my skill increased (as well as my ability to self-diagnose) but my confidence as well.

I came into the class trying to find the Dot…I left not only finding it plus I had a new grip and better stance!

I am looking forward to his Instructor course as soon at the 2021 schedule is posted!

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