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Sage Dynamics Defensive Handgun AAR

Cody Treadway | June 16-17, 2018
Sage Dynamics Defensive Handgun

Location: Blue ridge Marksmanship just outside Asheville NC

Instructor: Aaron Cowan | Sage Dynamics

Course description:

Defensive Handgun is intended for anyone with little or no formal experience operating a handgun in a self defense manner. This course teaches safe handling and efficient operation of semi-automatic and revolvers. Students will learn correct techniques for drawing and presenting the weapon, as well as fundamental techniques for employing the handgun in defense of self or others. As Defensive Handgun is self defense focused, students are expected to train from concealment or from their duty holster (if LE/MIL). Defensive handgun will progress from most-to-least likely skills over the course of 16 hours to best prepare students for handgun use in a violent encounter.

Weather: hot both days (high 80’s low 90’s)

Day one started with the saftey and medical brief. After that we hit the range, where we went over isolating Grip, sights, trigger, and recoil management from different distances. Day one concluded with  shooting while moving forward and backward.

Day 2.

Started with a quick reveiw of the emergency medical plan and then we jumped into scenarios with 3D targets, each student ran through one. After that we moved on to reloads and malfunction clearing, one handed shooting, shooting from different positions, and shooting long (for me) range (25 yards). We finished the course with the Sage Dynamics standards which were challenging but not impossible.

One thing i learned was not shooting to reset or pinning the trigger.

Some of the things i need to work on are my distance shooting and my one handed shooting.

The only critique i can offer is i wish the class size had been just slightly smaller

This was my first class from a reputable instructor but it absolutely will not be my last. I learned a lot and had a great time. I will definitely be looking for more training opportunities with Sage Dynamics

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