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Surefire X300U: A vs B vs XH35 vs XH30

Surefire X300U: A vs B vs XH35 vs XH30

Ever since Surefire came out with their newest version of the X300U (the B version) there has been quite a bit of confusion as to what the differences are and which is best suited for a particular application. This article will outline the differences and provide some insight as to which would be best for your intended use.

X300U-A on the left & X300U-B on the right

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REVISION: 08/02/2018 Surefire X300UA/B Upgrade.

On August 2nd, 2018 Recoil Magazine broke the news that the X300U-A & B would be getting a significant output upgrade to 1,000 lumens (11,300 candela). These lights will fit all existing X300U-A/B holsters and will be offered in both black & Tan

We have the new versions  IN STOCK and ready to ship. Even the newly released X300U-A in Tan

Surefire 1,000 lumen X300U-A

Surefire 1,000 lumen X300U-B

You can read about the new X300U-A/B lights on Recoil Magazine

First a little history…

In 2015 Surefire discontinued the public sale of their popular X300U-A to release the brand new “upgraded” X300U-B model. However since they still had a contract with a government agency to supply them with the older X300U-A model, Surefire decided to make the “A” version available for public purchase again in 2016.

Well that’s cool but what’s the difference?

Really, there’s not a whole lot. The older versions of the X300U-A (produced prior to 2016 before they were originally discontinued) had an output of 500 lumens. (click here for a great article on lumens) When the X300U-B came out they boosted the lumen output to 600 lumens (another great article is he